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Wood Plugs

Face Grain Wood Plugs | WidgetCo

Face Grain Wood Plugs

Flat top tapered wood plugs with face grain (also known as side grain wood plugs). Face grain wood plugs expose the natural beauty of the wood grain. Will match surrounding wood when stained. Bulk available.
End Grain Wood Plugs | WidgetCo

End Grain Wood Plugs

Flat top, tapered wood plugs with end grain. If you look at the end of board you are viewing the end grain. These plugs will stain slightly darker than surrounding wood as they absorb more stain for a lovely contrast. Bulk discounts available.
Wood Deck Plugs

Wood Deck Plugs

Popular on outdoor wood decks, boats and outdoor furniture. Our water-resistant wood plugs for outdoor use are perfect for putting the finishing touches on your project. Bulk discounts available.
Button Top Wood Plugs | WidgetCo

Button Top Wood Plugs

Mushroom shape buttons are a more traditional plug often found as screw hole accents on furniture. End grain, tapered for a secure fit and many sizes available. Bulk quantities available.
Wood Floor Plugs | WidgetCo

Floor Plugs

Straight sided floor plugs that won't wobble when walked on. Suitable for indoor floors and stairs. End grain and chamfered bottom. Bulk quantities available.
Oval Top Wood Plugs | WidgetCo

Oval Top Wood Plugs

Oval top for a slightly raised plug surface. Little trickier to install than flat top or button plugs. Bulk quantities available.