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Natural rubber latex being sourced from a rubber tree

In addition to the synthetic industrial rubber, we are happy to offer you an eco-friendly Rubber Stopper made of natural pure gum rubber. Natural Pure Gum Rubber Stoppers are made from the elastomer harvested from the rubber tree. This sustainable material produces a superior rubber stopper. All our rubber products are manufactured with only high quality raw materials. WidgetCo's rubber products are a great tool for your business or DIY project. Our rubber products are all industrial grade and form excellent rubber stoppers in EPDM, Silicone, Neoprene and natural Pure Gum. We also offer specialty space balls for the cabinet industry. Shop a wide variety of rubber products; our most popular being our EPDM Rubber Stoppers ideal to plug openings and as laboratory stoppers. Our rubber products are incredibly durable, adding a superior seal to a multitude of applications.

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Rubber Stoppers | WidgetCo

Rubber Stoppers

Large selection of stoppers for an industrial or laboratory-grade seal. Available in 4 different types of rubber. Bulk rubber stoppers available.
Space Balls

Space Balls

A niche product used to allow expansion of cabinet panels. Available in 4 different sizes. Bulk quantities of space balls available.