Metal Product Manufacturing | WidgetCo

WidgetCo is proud to offer a huge selection of metal products made from several high-quality, durable metals. Whether you’re looking for industrial-grade, wholesale poor spouts for your restaurant or some durable metal shelf pins for your next home renovation project, WidgetCo has just what you need. Our metal products are come in a wide range of finishes including stainless steel, aluminum and brass. 

Find our metal products below.

Shelf Pins | WidgetCo

Shelf Pins

Shelf Pins to help support all kinds of shelves. Popular sizes like 5mm and 1/4" and hard to find sizes like 3mm and 7mm. Bulk shelf pins available.
Pour Spouts - All Kinds | WidgetCo

Pour Spouts

Huge selection of pour spouts from traditional plastic spouts to sleek metallic spouts and everything in between. Bulk pour spouts available.
Aluminum Spacers | WidgetCo

Aluminum Spacers

Variety of sizes for use as standoff spacers for instruments, signs and more. Bulk aluminum metal spacers available.
Bottle Openers

Bottle Openers

Standard tackle for the professional bartender or weekend warrior - where rapid fire speed is required. Bulk quantities available.