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Corchos de vino nuevos

Natural Wine Corks

Corchos de vino naturales

Preferred cork of fine winemakers for 400 years when Dom Pérignon first corked a wine bottle. Selected from high grade natural cork, ideal for wines of all ages. Bulk quantities available.
Colmated Wine Corks

Corchos de vino colmatados

Medium grade natural cork with the lenticels filled with a cork powder resin. Intended to simulate the denser properties of a high grade natural cork. Suitable for wines up to 4 years.
1+1 Wine Corks

1+1 corchos de vino

An engineered cork manufactured using two cork components: an agglomerated base with slices of natural cork bonded onto the ends. The result is a firm cork with good sealing properties. Suitable for wines up to 4 years.
Agglomerated Wine Corks

Corchos de vino aglomerados

An economical cork intended for young wines to be opened within 2 years of bottling. Manufactured from particle cork bonded into a solid shape.
Custom Printed Wine Corks

Corchos de vino impresos personalizados

Personalize your corks with a logo or text. Minimum order of 1000 is required. For quantities less than 1000, we offer standard grape printing (see other categories above).