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Tapones de goma

EPDM Rubber Stoppers

Tapones de caucho EPDM

EPDM rubber in solid, 1-hole, 2-holes and micro stopper sizes for temperatures up to 250ºF/120ºC. Black color. Bulk available.
natural pure gum rubber stoppers

Tapones de Caucho Natural

Our favorite eco-friendly rubber. Made of natural gum rubber for temps up to 160ºF/70ºC. Bulk quantities available.
Silicone Stoppers

Tapones de Silicona

Silicone rubber in white suitable for high temperatures up to 550ºF/180ºC. Bulk quantities available.
Neoprene Stoppers

Tapones de neopreno

Neoprene rubber is oil resistant synthetic rubber for temps up to 250ºF/120ºC. Bulk quantities available.