corcho plano

Cork Underlayment Sheets

Hojas de base de corcho

Use when installing wood, tile and engineered flooring. Cork is a superior natural sound and thermal insulator, and has fantastic shock absorbing qualities. Engineered floors will feel more like hardwood and your hardwood floors will feel as they should. Pre-cut sheets for easy installation. Bulk discounts available.
Self-Adhesive Cork Squares

Azulejos de pared de corcho autoadhesivos

Perfect for creating your own home or office cork board, entire cork wall or noise-reducing wall covering for a more serene living space. Made from 100% pure Portuguese cork. Bulk discounts available.
Cork Rolls

rollos de corcho

Perfect for lining walls, work benches, cabinets and drawers. Or use to die cut your own cork design. Our cork rolls comes in a variety of lengths and thicknesses. Bulk discounts available.
Cork Coasters | WidgetCo

posavasos de corcho

Use to show off your love of nature and sustainability. Use as drink coasters or in craft projects or even as a base for candles or succulents. Smooth surface is ideal for laser engraving for commercial applications. Available in both square and rounded shapes. Bulk discounts available.
Cork Squares | WidgetCo

cuadrados de corcho

Our classic cork squares can be used as trivets, plant holders, glued to walls or anything else you can imagine. You will love cork squares for their natural beauty and performance. Bulk discounts available.
Round Cork | WidgetCo

corcho redondo

Ideal for use as trivets, hotplate mats, placemats, plant holders and anything else you can imagine. Made of beautiful, dense natural cork and no wood or bark particles. Available in several sizes. Bulk discounts available.