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Discover top-quality corks, shelf pins, wood plugs and hole plugs, and more with free shipping and bulk discounts. Explore our wide range of cork stoppers and rubber stoppers, all readily available. Benefit from fast shipping on cork underlayment, cork rolls, and all our expertly manufactured products.

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At WidgetCo, we don't skimp on quality.

Our industrial grade craft, carpentry and food preparation products have been used everywhere from NASA to the Smithsonian. Whether you’re looking for high-quality rolls of cork for your office, industrial-grade rubber stoppers for your lab, or building supplies for your next woodworking project, WidgetCo has exactly what you need. We always strive to promote sustainable, environmentally friendly products and proudly supports the preservation of forest and ocean conservations through CorkClub’s cork recycling program. We have a wide variety of corks for sale. Check out our products and buy any quantity online.


WidgetCo produces industrial-grade building, carpentry, and supplies including stainless steel shelf pins, woodworking supplies, cork, and rubber stoppers as well as a variety of closures and plugs. WidgetCo is committed to supporting independent businesses, which is why we never require a minimum order.


WidgetCo's high production capacity and quick service allows you to scale products as quickly as demand requires. Whether it is T-Corks for the world's fastest growing tequila, or hole plugs and metal shelf pins for a closet organizer shipped to a chain store, our manufacturing capacity is built for scale. We can get your bulk orders shipped quickly from stock.


Unleash your creativity with our huge selection of craft supplies. We have tons of inspiring items from including natural rolls of cork, all kinds of cork products, and even used wine corks. Whether you’re looking to update your office décor or create art for your Etsy store, we can help. Bring your wildest ideas to life with high-quality craft supplies.


Thinking about building your own deck, furniture, or kitchen cabinets? Get your hands on WidgetCo’s professional-grade building supplies. We provide high-quality supplies like dowel pins, wood plugs, FastCaps, and screw protectors to both professional contractors and hobbyists. Get the best supplies for your next building project.

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Used Wine Corks, Grade A - WidgetCo
Used Wine Corks, Grade A
Material: Assorted wine corks, NO synthetics/champagne
Variety: Mixed to give nice variety of corks
Condition: Used
Previously Bottled: Yes
Part #: 6-WUSED-AAA
3/8" Ipe Plugs - WidgetCo3/8" Ipe Plugs - WidgetCo
3/8" Ipe Plugs
Material: Ipe wood
Diameter: 3/8"
Height: 3/8"
Fits hole size: 3/8"
Shape: Straight sided, chamfer bottom
Part #: 5-385-IPE-DECK
1/4" (6mm) Cork Underlayment Sheets - WidgetCo
1/4" (6mm) Cork Underlayment Sheets

$1.13 sq ft or less & FREE SHIPPING
Total Surface Area Per Box: 96 sq ft
Sheet Size: 2' x 3' (6 sq ft)
Sheet Thickness: 1/4" (6mm)
Sheets Per Box: 16
R-Value: .82
Sound Rating: IIC 51, STC 54 (6 inch concrete slab w/ no drop ceiling)

Manufactured in Europe

Part #: 6-U6MM-BOX-US
1/2 inch Self Adhesive Cork Board Squares (6/pack) - WidgetCo1/2 inch Self Adhesive Cork Board Squares (6/pack) - WidgetCo
1/2 inch Self Adhesive Cork Board Squares (6/pack)
Pack contains: 6 square tiles, self-adhesive
Coverage area per pack: 6 sq. ft.
Each tile size: 1 SQ FT (12" x 12")
Tile thickness: 1/2" (12mm)
Bonus feature: Full coverage, peel & stick self-adhesive backing
Part #: 6-T12MM-BOX-CB
19.5mm Natural T-Corks with Wood Tops - WidgetCo19.5mm Natural T-Corks with Wood Tops - WidgetCo
19.5mm Natural T-Corks with Wood Tops

Fits 3/4" openings (includes most 750ml wine & spirit bottles)
Cork Diameter: .768" (19.5mm) 
Cork Length: .850" (22mm) 
Cap Diameter: 1.1" (28mm)

Part #: 6-TT-19.5-WOOD
19.5mm Natural T-Corks with Wood Tops w/ Varnish - WidgetCo19.5mm Natural T-Corks with Wood Tops w/ Varnish - WidgetCo
19.5mm Natural T-Corks with Wood Tops w/ Varnish

Fits 3/4" openings (includes most 750ml wine & spirit bottles)
Cork Diameter: .768" (19.5mm) 
Cork Length: .850" (22mm) 
Cap Diameter: 1.1" (28mm)

Part #: 6-TT-19.5-WO-V
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