Extra Quality Natural Wine Corks with Custom Printing

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Suggested for wines: up to 12 years
Material: Very High Grade Natural Cork (2nd of 9)
Diameter: #9 (24mm)
Length: 1-3/4" (44mm)
Fits: Standard Wine Bottles (750ml)

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1.  Enter the quantity of wine corks above and checkout. Our minimum order to print is 1000 corks (if you need a smaller quantity, we offer standard wine corks with printed grapes).

2.  After we receive your order, we will immediately email you to collaborate on your design. We can incorporate your text, logos or images, and you approve the final design.

3.  Production lead time is about 4-6 weeks. Free shipping on qualifying orders.

About these wine corks

Natural "Extra" Wine Corks are natural wine corks intended for wine storage up to 12 years. Natural wine corks are punched from cork oak bark harvested once every 9 years, then dried for up to 2 more years. The wine corks are punched from the cork oak bark and then sorted by quality; the fewer the lenticels (crevise like imperfections) the better the wine cork. "Extra" is a very, very high quality natural wine cork. Made from 100% natural cork harvested in Portugal. 

Made from 100% natural cork harvested in Portugal. All corks are TCA treated, carefully handled and ready for bottling. Orders are packaged in S02 gas to preserve freshness. This wine cork will compress to fit standard wine bottles - corker is required. We recommend a floor corker or better.

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