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Large corks for barrels, bungholes, jugs & more.

When you need a larger cork that a traditional cork stopper, check out our Large Corks Stopper (sometimes referred to as Cork Bungs). These corks are manufactured for openings from 2-1/16" openings up to 2-5/8". Two quality grades are available: Economical Grade is made from composite cork (agglomerated) and Standard Grade is made from natural cork. Buy online today.

Shop agglomerated or natural.

Large Agglomerated Cork Stoppers, Bungs | Naturals

Large Agglomerated Cork Stoppers

Economical choice made from agglomerated (composite) cork. Bulk quantities available.
Large Natural Cork Stoppers, Bungs | WidgetCo

Large Natural Cork Stoppers

Standard grade large cork stoppers made from natural cork. Bulk quantities available.