We produce all kinds of corks from wine corks to tapered cork stoppers, T-Corks for liquor, jar corks and more.

Corks for all kinds of uses.

WidgetCo offers a huge variety of corks, including stoppers from the classic wine bottle cork to larger jar corks and tapered cork stoppers. Our selection also features a variety of premium stoppers that are suitable for liquids and laboratory use as well as more “rustic” standard grade that can be used for sealing up dry goods and standing liquids. Whether you’re using our corks to seal up a delicate perfume bottles or a big jar of artisanal honey — WidgetCo has the perfect fit. 

Made popular by champagne brewer, Dom Perignon back in the early 16th century; corks are the preferred method for sealing many products. WidgetCo corks are made from the outer bark of the Mediterranean cork oak tree. The outer layer of the bark is harvested every nine years or so, after which the tree is left to grow another layer. There’s no need to cut down trees in order to harvest their bark making a sustainable, eco-friendly sealing option.

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Cork Stoppers | WidgetCo

Cork Stoppers

Perfect for sealing up bottles. Our classic tapered cork stoppers come in a variety of grades and textures.

Large Cork Stoppers

Ideal for sealing larger openings like thermos, bungs and jugs. Available in both natural and composite grades. Bulk quantities available.

Jar Corks

Give your jarred products an artisanal look. Available in natural and composite cork. Bulk jar corks available.
Wine Corks | WidgetCo

New Wine Corks

Only the finest, natural cork from Portugal. We can even custom print your wine bottle corks for a personal touch.
T-Corks for Whiskey, Rum and other Spirits | WidgetCo


The standard cork for liquor and port wine. Source both natural and synthetic cork with wood or plastic t-tops. Bulk available.
Cork Balls | WidgetCo

Cork Balls

Perfect for use in craft projects and manufacturing sporting goods. Choose from natural or composite. Bulk cork balls available.
Used Wine Corks

Used Wine Corks

Clean, recycled wine corks perfect for DIY and craft projects. Choose from a variety of styles and types. Bulk used wine corks available.