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All sizes of tapered corks.

WidgetCo is proud to produce a variety of tapered, natural cork stoppers for use in bottling food products, liquids and dry goods as well as for use in craft and art projects. Our cork stoppers are made from 100% pure cork harvested from the trees off the coast of Portugal. The bark sustainably regenerates making our cork stoppers a great choice for those buyers looking to minimize their carbon footprint. Our stoppers come in 3 different grades: Standard, Premium and Extra Select as well as a range of different sizes and diameters. Whether you’re looking to seal up a 2-ounce bottle of perfume or a big jar, we’ve got the perfect stopper.

How to choose the right grade corks

XXX Standard Grade - Dry Goods, Salts, Crafts and Standing Liquids.
XXXX Premium Grade - Laboratory, Fragrances, Oils and Moving Liquids.
Extra Select Grade - High Value Liquids, Perfume and Spirits.

Find the right cork stopper for you.

XXX Cork Stoppers

XXX Cork Stoppers, Standard Grade

Standard grade cork stoppers suitable for crafting, dry goods and standing liquids. Economical grade of tapered corks. Bulk quantities available.
XXXX Cork Stoppers

XXXX Cork Stoppers, Premium Grade

Premium grade cork stoppers suitable for transporting many liquids and laboratory use. Laboratory grade of tapered corks. Bulk quantities available.
Extra Select Cork Stoppers

Extra Select Cork Stoppers, Highest Grade

Extra select grade cork stoppers are near perfect corks. Minimum cracks and crevices. Ultra premium grade of tapered corks. Bulk quantities available.