Wine Corks

Wine Corks manufactured from fine natural cork harvested in Portugal. WidgetCo® Wine Corks are among the freshest available and are carefully manufactured and handled to help produce great wines. Custom printing and personalization service is available on orders over 1000 corks (select "personalized wine corks" below to get started). S02 gas used to seal bags of 1000 corks. Synthetic Wine Corks are available as an alternative to natural wine corks. Used Wine Corks are in stock for craft projects. Buy online today!

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Recommendation for bottling:
Natural: up to 20+ years
1+1 or Colmated: up to 4 years
Synthetic: up to 4 years (machine corker required)
Agglomerated: up to 2 years
Used: craft use only

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Natural Wine Corks

price range: $$$

Natural Wine Corks remain the preferred cork of the finest winemakers since the 1600's when Dom Pérignon first used them as a wine closure. Our Natural Wine Corks are selected from the finest high grade natural corks and are ideal for wines of all ages.

Colmated Wine Corks

price range: $$

Colmated Wine Corks are medium grade natural corks with the lenticels (crevices) filled with a compound made from cork powder. The colmating process is intended to simulate the more dense properties of a high grade natural cork. Colmated Wine Corks are very popular in Europe.

1+1 Wine Corks

price range: $$

1+1 Wine Corks are an economical wine cork suitable for younger wines opened within 4 years of bottling. 1+1 Wine Corks are often referred to as "duo" wine corks because they are an engineered cork manufactured using two cork components: an agglomerated base with slices of natural cork on the ends. The result is a firm cork with good sealing properties.

Agglomerated Wine Corks

price range: $

Agglomerated Wine Corks are our most economical wine corks intended for very young wines to be opened within 2 years of bottling. Agglomerated Wine Corks are manufactured from particle cork that is bonded into a solid shape.

Personalized Wine Corks

price range: varies

Our top selling wine corks can be custom printed with your text or logo! For custom printing, a minimum order of 1000 is required.

Used Wine Corks

price range: $

Used Wine Corks are not suitable for bottling wine but are great for crafts. Popular to make wine cork wreaths, bulletin boards, wine cork walls, or just filling an empty vase.