Used Wine Corks, Grade A

Used Wine Corks, previously bottled

Part Number: 6-WUSED-AAA

Material: Assorted wine corks, no synthetics
Variety: Mixed to give nice variety of corks
Condition: Used
Previously Bottled: Yes

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Used Wine Corks for sale! These corks are post-consumer, meaning they have been bottled. Corks are sorted to provide a nice variety. Only real corks, no synthetics. Not intended for bottling wine. The previously bottled Used Wine Corks are great for crafts projects like bulletin boards, kitchen back splashes, cork boards, art projects, vases and other creative projects. All corks are made from natural cork, with no synthetics. All corks are mixed to provide a nice variety.



Just what we hoped for!

We're using these to hold the escort cards at our wedding. They looked great. Clean and well stored. Thank you!

Catherine A., Brantford, Ontario - 7/21/2016

Wine Corks

Good corks, good service, FAST!

Howard U, Colorado - 7/12/2016

Wine corks

Promptly delivered and received corks as described. Used for crafting project for my daughters bridal shower. I recommend.

Lucille N, Brooklyn, NY - 7/9/2016

Pretty good stuff!

Been to fourteen rodeos and three goat-roping contests; even bought the shirt. But I never got as good a deal as I got from WIDGETCO. They did what they said that they would do; shipped it to me so quick that I almost couldn't forget that I ordered it; products came in in beautiful condition. Great selection of stuff I might say. I was a little concerned that it would be just "junk"...but It wasn't Now if I can remember why I ordered them I can die a happy man. Hat's off to 'em. They did what they said that they would do.

Michael Sublette, Mesa, AZ - 7/7/2016

Excellant Service

Very Impressive! Very fast delivery! Beautiful and nice selection of cocks.

Gertrude T, Toronto, Canada - 6/28/2016

Great Buy On Used Wine Corks!

I needed wine corks for a craft project. The corks I received were used but real cork, no synthetic corks. All corks were in good condition. There was a wonderful variety as well. I would definitely recommend this company and will use them again in the future!

Adele L., Blakeslee, PA - 6/25/2016

Great corks!

Bought a few corks for a project. They are so unique! The product was shipped quickly, also. Thanks! :)

Sarah W, Philidelphia, PA - 6/23/2016

Used wine corks

Perfect as always!! great selection of used corks.

Katie V, Prairie Village, KS - 6/20/2016

Used wine corks

Always super fast delivery and quality products as described !

Mark S, LaPorte, TX - 6/18/2016

Wine Corks

Bought these to use for crafts and they were great, only a few I couldn't use because they were odd shaped or splitting. For the most part I got a good variety too, however there were a couple that were totally blank which I found odd. The shipping was fast though!

Sherri T., Wisconsin - 6/15/2016

Great Corks!

Corks are beautiful, in excellent condition, and all natural. They are clean, and some have reddish bottoms. Sizes vary slightly, I believe there are a couple slightly larger ones in there, but that will not affect the craft project I got them for.

Ildiko B., Chicago, IL - 6/15/2016

Grade A Wine Corks

These corks were perfect! Ordering them was super easy and they were delivered very quickly! Quality of the corks was exactly as described!

Bethany P, Buffalo, NY - 6/13/2016

5 Stars

Just received them.. Beautiful.. Nice assortment.. I'm covering a small wall with them. Can't wait. Thanks for prompt delivery

Margritt D, Ronkonkoma, NY - 6/8/2016

5 Stars

Just received them.. Beautiful.. Nice assortment.. I'm covering a small wall with them. Can't wait. Thanks for prompt delivery

Margritt D, Ronkonkoma, NY - 6/8/2016

Too Notch Company

Excellent service. Excellent product. Would buy from WIDGETCO again!!!

Darren G, Michigan - 6/2/2016

Wine Corks

Love it! Great quality!

Faye H., Michigan - 5/20/2016


Very happy with my used wine cork selections. I plan to purchase more in the future.

GIGI M, Ohio - 5/9/2016

Used wine corks grade B

All the cooks were intact and good quality. Will order again for my next project!

Joanne S., USA - 5/9/2016

Nice corks!

Good product and quick delivery. Thanks!

Silvia, New York - 5/7/2016

Exactly what I hoped for!

I ordered wine corks for the wedding centerpieces of a client of mine. She is very particular and I was very happy she will meet or exceed her expectations. They were also shipped very quickly to me!

Lauren E, Denver, CO - 4/29/2016


Needed additional corks to finish a project and WIDGETCO delivered exactly what I needed. My order of grade A used corks arrived surprisingly fast and provided a good variety of different wineries.

Pam S., Florida - 4/27/2016

5 Stars

Did like the variety of the corks and can't wait to display them in my wine barrel coffee table

Erma M, California - 4/22/2016

Yea corks!

I can't even believe how fast I got my corks - 2 days, and that was REGULAR shipping! There was a fantastic variety of corks and half the fun was going through and seeing all the different wineries!!!! I made a backsplash behind my stove and it looks amazing!!!! It took me 550 (cut in half) corks to finish, but totally worth it. Now my daughter wants me to do her kitchen😬

Vonne Jensen, Pittsburgh, PA - 4/18/2016

Quality Corks

Excellent corks! Excellent service.

Karen H, SC - 4/17/2016

Initiallyou CEO

These corks were perfect and I love that you can chose the option of no champagne corks! They came in perfect timing for the project I needed to finish!

Addie S., Pensacola, FL - 4/14/2016

Used Corks

The used corkscrews I ordered were perfect and the delivery was super fast. The product was good in quality and very inexpensive, I would definitely recommend someone to and I'll definitely shop here again for future products. They're so awesome thumbs up

Bre S., Las Vegas - 4/14/2016

Used wine corks

Great! Came fast!

Lisa E, Utah - 4/12/2016

Repeat customer

Always quality products and super fast delivery!

Mark S, USA - 4/9/2016


Precisely what I needed. Exactly what I wanted. Beautiful shipping time. I know just what to do in the future!

Jay. S, Philadelphia, PA - 3/27/2016

Grade A used Corks

Excellent quality, worked great for my project, received in adequate timing, Highly recommended.

Shane D., Lake Wales, FL - 3/27/2016

Wine corks

Good quality.

Sherri L, Louisiana - 3/27/2016

Grade A corks

Exactly what I wanted !!! Shipping time was great ! Couldn't be happier !

Kala P, Atlanta GA - 3/23/2016

Used Wine Corks, Grade A

Great variety of natural corks, quick delivery.

Ashley S, Pittsburgh, PA - 3/20/2016


Got my order in just a few days and it is EXACTLY what I needed for my project!

Stacey B, Kansas City, MO - 3/17/2016

Natural wine corks

Promptly shipped. If you've never ordered corks in your life, what are you waiting for? I'm already a hero for offering up my extras to someone who mentioned in passing that they wanted to make a wreath -- and she immediately liked the idea of using corks. A teacher could use them to have the class make simple cork boats.

Ross E., Syracuse, NY - 3/16/2016

Thank you

Corks arrived 3 days after ordering. Great selection, no mildew, very fresh. Will order again!

Thomas B. (sommelier), Cumming, Ga. - 3/14/2016

Just what I wanted

Very unique corks and at a great price! Just what I was looking for! Shipped quickly

Lisa E., Utah - 3/13/2016

Just what I wanted

Very unique corks and at a great price! Just what I was looking for! Shipped quickly

Lisa E., Utah - 3/13/2016

Couldn't be more perfect!

These blew away my expectations at only 10 cents a cork. They were exactly what I ordered. They shipped quickly. I will definitely be recommending to friends and family.

Devan P, Nashville, TN - 3/13/2016

Grade A used wine corks

Fast service. Corks are as advertised and a great selection. Would order again.

Meg C, Wisconsin - 3/9/2016

Grade A used wine corks

I LOVE them. Ships in less time than projected. I use them for several different projects. Best corks around!

Corinne J., New York - 3/5/2016

Used Wine Corks, Grade A

These are exactly what I expected! They look great, were a good price, and shipped fast!

Juli R., St. Peters. MO - 3/1/2016


I couldn't be happier! I wanted to make a wine cork backsplash in my kitchen, and was afraid I'd have to become an alcoholic in order to get enough corks. The corks are FANTASTIC, a very nice selection, and SUPER fast shipping!!!! Now I'm looking for some more things I can make with corks!

Vonne, Pittsburgh, PA - 2/18/2016

Cork Stopper

Absolutely pleased with the various corks you sent me. I bought a personalized cork keeper with a manogram on it and I can't wait to fill it up! Btw, the corks smelt delicious. Salud!

Monica H, Escondido, CA - 2/15/2016

Grade A wine Corks

My1st time ordering and was extremely satisfied with my purchase! I've had fun using them to make several DIY's and found that they are very easy and of excellent condition. It's been fun sorting them as to shades & inscriptions. Great product!

Dave W, Marion, OH - 2/10/2016

Wine Corks

Loved the variety! None were damaged by removal from the bottle. Could even smell the wine on some of them! Was very pleased with my purchase & will order again.

Peggy P, St Louis, MO - 1/31/2016

5 Stars

I'm using the wine corks for projects in my shop. The quality is exactly what I hoped for and I will order again. Thanks so much!

Tammy H, Central Florida, USA - 1/29/2016

Wine Corks

Purchased to use for a wine pull at a corporate event. Everything was perfect! The delivery was on time. Very satisfied and would order again.

Julie K, Santa Monica, CA - 1/29/2016

Wine Corks

Good service

Roberta T, Brisbane, Australia - 1/26/2016

Great variety

Another shipment of fine wine corks that I use in my creations of wine cork frames. This is the 3rd box of corks and I haven't been disappointed with any of them, create variety.

Michael H., St. Louis, MO - 1/25/2016

Wine Corks

What we love the most about this company is the corks are always good. Shipping is very fast. I would recommend to anyone.

Phillip M, Columbia, SC - 1/24/2016

Excellent customer service!

Website was easy to navigate, payment processing worked flawlessly. Excellent follow-up from WIDGETCO once order was placed and I was shocked at how quickly my corks arrived. Oh, and the corks are great - I used them to fill a clear glass lamp base and they look fantastic. All in all, a great experience with this site!

Paula A., Carmel, IN - 1/22/2016

Excellent service and product!!

Very fast shipping and an incredible variety of corks. Very cool collection! !

Kristi F, Ohio - 1/19/2016

Grade "A" corks

I love them! All was well with the shipping. Can't wait to do more with them. I'm sure I'll order again.

Corinne, USA - 1/17/2016

Happy customer

Fast delivery. Good price. Great product.

Deborah A, Alabaster, AL - 1/16/2016

3000 corks for a large project

I have used WIDGETCO before and found them to have quality products and good customer service so I recently ordered 3000 used wine corks from them for a home project. I received my order in three days and found it to be 50 corks short of my ordered 3000. I called the company, and spoke to a very curious and professional employee. He immediately corrected the error and sent out the missing 50 corks which I received within two days. I appreciate a company that values its customers and I will continue to use WIDGETCO, every chance I get.

[Reply from WIDGETCO: Thank you for the compliment and allowing us to correct the short shipment.]

Bonnie B., Fort Worth, TX - 1/12/2016

Used corks

For the most part the corks were perfect for my project. There were some large corks which were all from the same winery that almost seemed thrown in as fillers. There were probably 20 to 30 of them and I could not use them at all. I do still give them a great rating because all the others made for a perfect project.

:[Reply from WIDGETCO: We will rush out replacements right away as there must have been a mistake in the shipment. Thank you for letting us know!]

Lisa, USA - 1/10/2016

Used wine corks

These corks worked great for a project my wife was working on.

Paul Gilbert, Amarillo, TX - 1/6/2016


Prompt shipment and delivery of grade A with a great variety. Very satisfied.

George D., St. Louis, MO - 1/3/2016

Excellent Product and Great Service

Ordered 250 Grade A Used Corks - Received exactly that in a wide variety of wines in only a couple of days. Will order more for more projects and gifts.

Jeff D, Annapolis, MD - 12/28/2015


Product just as described - pleased!!!

Joyce T, Ohio - 12/27/2015

Used Wine Corks

Great service and product as described - perfect for crafting!

Kris F, Appleton, WI - 12/26/2015

Friendsmas Gift Project

Great, fast service! I received exactly what I was looking for and for what I think is a great price. Thank you so much!!!

Lindsey P., Baltimore, MD - 12/21/2015

Follow up

My last review indicated I was satisfied with my order. However, I had ordered 100 corks and only 94 were delivered. Not a big deal really, but I wanted them to know so it might not happen to someone else. I'm happy to report they do read the reviews and have sent me the rest of my order. All of the corks I received were in really good shape and great for crafting. I will be ordering again.

Dawn E, Scottsdale, AZ - 12/21/2015

Used Corks Grade A

Shipped the same day ordered and are fantastic assortment of used wine corks!

Kathy V, USA - 12/15/2015

Grade A Corks

All were in good condition, good variety too!

Nicky, Aurora, CO - 12/15/2015

Used Corks

This is my first order and it won't be my last.... Better than I expected.

Kelley C., Auburndale, FL - 12/14/2015

Used corks. Grade A

Perfect product, great value....This is my second order...I'll be back!

Bernice D, Warwick, RI - 12/14/2015

I'll be back

The product was just what I was looking for. The shipment arrived as scheduled and my project is underway. I'll be back.

Steve P., Grenada, MS - 12/13/2015

Using for cork coaster craft

Good variety, good price, great condition. Decent shipping time. Overall very satisfied!

Jessica A, Sneaks Ferry, NC - 12/12/2015

Cork order

My order arrived promptly, although it was short by 5 corks. Ordered 100 only received 95. Still, it was a good price and I will definitely order again.

[From WIDGETCO: Sorry for the oversight...we will rush another 5 corks out today.]

Dawn E, Scottsdale, AZ - 12/12/2015

Used wine corks grade A

Fast delivery! Will order again!

Judy S., Pennsylvania - 12/11/2015

Used Wine Corks, Grade A

These are exactly what I needed. They are all intact...not broken like what happens when I open a bottle of wine. Haha. I was going to order off Amazon, since I trust them and had never heard of this company. I'm so glad I went for it! These are perfect, inexpensive, arrived super fast (like 2 days), and I even got more than I paid for. 42 corks more, actually. I am very pleased. Thank you.

Kelly K, Kansas City, MO - 12/11/2015

Used Grade A Wine Corks

Fast delivery, and were just as nice as I had hoped. Will order again. Highly Recommend.

Tracie F, Smith Mountain Lake, VA - 12/11/2015


Will order again service ..nice presentation!

Sylvia L, Glasgow, MT - 12/11/2015


The order came in on time and the corks were just as I had hoped!

Carlotta, Denver, Co - 12/8/2015

Grade A

Great quality, can't wait to start crafting.

Gail W., Wolcott, CT - 12/8/2015

Grade A corks

Great quality and assortment. Quick ordering and shipping. Highly recommend.

Karl H., Perth Amboy, NJ - 12/5/2015

Grade A

These are absolutely the best variety for project work. Very satisfied with this purchase. Great response time.

K W, Georgia - 12/4/2015

Grade A

Ordered and shipped within a few hours of each other. Received 2 days later. Wow! I'm half way thru the 5000 I ordered and so far so good. I've only found 4 synthetics so far. Good quality and best price I've found on the web. Highly recommend.

Renee, St. Louis, MO - 12/1/2015


That is a good price for that many corks. My step daughter will love all them corks. She collects them.

Robert V. Jr, San Antonio, TX - 11/28/2015

Grade A used wine corks

Variety is fantastic, they are in great shape.

Darby H, USA - 11/20/2015

Used wine corks :-)

I ordered 120 used wine corks and 3 days later already had them! Very quick and they were in great shape. Will order from here again!!

Bridget H., Michigan - 11/20/2015

Great Great Great

The corks I received are in fantastic shape and shipping was super fast! Thank you so much!!

Michele H, Hastings, MI - 11/19/2015

Wine Corks

Thanks for the really nice assortment. Will make a beautiful bulletin board. Will be a repeat customer!

Gaul C., OS, MS - 11/13/2015

Used Wine Corks

Exactly what I was looking for and more! An extremely wide variety of corks. I am using for a cork wall, and am having fun with all the designs and vineyard markings I am finding! Super fast and free shipping were a double bonus!! I highly recommend WIDGETCO!

Ronna R., Apple Valley, MN - 11/11/2015

Good Variety and Perfect for What I Needed

Read these reviews and thought they were too good to be true. My corks came in quickly and were a good variety. I got grade A and so far havent seen any that dont work for me. Would definitely recommend this site.

[From WIDGETCO: We hear that a lot. Thank you for giving us a try.]

Jamie I, Houston - 11/9/2015

Great Value and Easy to Order

The prices were great on these wine corks and the quality was better than expected. We received emails of the the whole order and shipping process so dealing with WIDGETCO was a breeze. Looking to order from them again in the near future.

Jeff G., Ohio - 11/8/2015

Exactly as advertised

These were exactly as advertised. Received them very quickly. Excellent!

George L, Radford, VA - 11/4/2015

5 stars

Excellent....will order more

Linda D., Michigan - 11/3/2015

Used Corks. Grade A

Best customer service EVER!! I completed a 4 star review on a previous order of 1500 corks...saying approx 2% of the corks were not usable for one reason or another. Before the day was out, I received an email that informed me an order for 40 corks was being shipped that day. Received them in perfect condition. Customer for life! Kudos! 10 stars!

Bernice D, Warwick, RI - 10/28/2015


These wine corks look beautiful and worked perfectly for my project. I especially liked that there were many varied corks instead of then all looking the same.

Deb C., Tennessee - 10/25/2015


This site was each to navigate and the order process was simple. we are very pleased with the corks and will be ordering more in the future.

Phillip M, Columbia, SC - 10/25/2015

Wine Corks

These corks were exactly what I wanted to fill a tall vase with bamboo sticks. Received them very quickly and no hassles!

Patti P, Barnegat, NJ - 10/24/2015

Used Wine Corks, Grade A

I purchased these used corks for a cork project for our craft classes. They were exactly what I expected. Thank You

Tracy S, Reading, PA - 10/22/2015

Used corks. Grade A

For the most part satisfied with my order of 1500 corks. Half way through the box and I have 4 broken corks, about 6 synthetic and a few unused corks. Not bad probably about 2% will be unusable.

From WIDGETCO: Sorry to hear this, we will fix it up for you.]

Bernice D, Warwick, RI - 10/21/2015

Wine corks

Fast delivery excellent product

Bud, Florida - 10/15/2015


I am making a cork wreath and found your place of business who sell large qty of corks and your local. Thank you, making wreath for my mother for Christmas so plenty of time to make and mailing time back east. Plus, very polite customer service.

cheri G, Henderson, NV - 10/15/2015

Very cool!

I am doing a cork back splash in my kitchen. These corks are great! Clean. Great variety and love all the vineyard names. Will make a great and unique backsplash!

Abdenner, California - 10/14/2015

Used Corks Grade A

Fabulous variety beautiful corks, quick and easy transaction! I will be back for more!

Kim L, North Carolina - 10/12/2015


These are so cute to use for our table card holders! Shopping was fast! Would recommend!

Teale N, Saylorsburg, PA - 10/12/2015

Grade A Used Wine Corks

Excellent..,second time to order! Will continue to order from WIDGETCO for all of my cork projects! Great variety on the Grade A used corks!

Pat R., Ormond Beach, FL - 10/12/2015

Stick a cork in me!

My family decided I needed to make them all cork wreaths. As I'm the only wino in my family and use my corks for my own projects, I figured the best thing to do is order a bunch and give them away as Christmas presents. I ordered 1000 and will be able to generate about 7 gifts. They arrived promptly and are a nice assortment. Will definitely order from here again.

Kim G, King City, CA - 10/12/2015

Great product and fast!

I ordered 500 corks and they were sent out the next day and got them by the weekend. Really fast. High quality! Great variety and great condition. Better than my own that I have thrown in a vase for years. The only issue is 500 corks is not as many as you think. I thought it was overkill but I will need more it seems for my project. Not their fault though. I highly recommend WIDGETCO and this product.

Randy H., Carlsbad, CA - 10/12/2015

Crafty Corks

I bought the used corks for a craft project. They worked very well and I was pleased with the selection. If fact, I have already ordered more.

Leslie S., Andersonville, TN - 10/12/2015

Dartboard Cork Project.

I originally ordered 300 Grade A Corks for a project and had to reorder 1000 more. The delivery of product was super quick! Love the variety of the corks, color variation and sizes. Will definitely order from WIDGETCO again in the future.

LouAnn S., Wentzville, MO - 10/2/2015

Excellent order

Fast shipping. Quality corks, would buy from again.

Melissa D, New York - 10/1/2015

5 Stars

Very satisfied with my order!!!

Sharon Mc, Philadelphia, PA - 9/28/2015


Couldn't have been more pleased with our cork order! Quick shipping and wonderful product!

Doreen B, Wisconsin - 9/28/2015

Wine Corks

Speedy delivery. Nothing beats that. Thanks guys!

Anne O, Sugarland TX - 9/28/2015


Second time ordering from WIDGETCO...order arrived quickly, both times...Couldn't ask for a better mix of pre used corks...totally what I needed for my little project...Definitely THE place to order corks...Thanks again!

Wanda W, Richmond, VA - 9/17/2015

Great looking corks!

These will be going into decorations for the house soon. They were shipped almost immediately. Received 2 days after ordering.

Jeanne S., USA - 9/15/2015

Just what we wanted

We were delighted with these wine corks. Though used, they were exceptionally clean and looked almost new. We also were impressed with the variety. They were from a wide variety of wineries. We're using them as "mulch" in our "bottle garden" which is made up of large wine bottles sunk into the ground upside down to make a unique garden border.

Richard S., Spicewood, TX - 9/12/2015

Used Wine Corks, Grade A

Prompt delivery, very good variety in both coloration and size. Only a few were slightly broken from uncorking, but I was still able to re-purpose those as fish for my project. Very pleased, would recommend your company and will absolutely order again.

Kim F., St. Johns, FL - 9/6/2015

Grade A Used Wine Corks

These were exactly what I wanted. Arrived quickly. Very satisfied.

Katrina N., Brea, CA - 9/3/2015

Just Placed My Second Order

I was so pleased with my first order that I had to come back for more. I started using the corks for our home bar backsplash. It turned out so well that we are now expanding the idea into the kitchen. The shipping was fast and the corks were exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much! I will recommend this to anyone looking for wine cork project materials. I would give this company 10 stars if I could!!!

Becca D, East Leroy, MI - 8/28/2015

Used Cork Order

I wouldn't hesitate to use this company again. Their service was great and their website very easy to use and navigate. I received my order as promised in their shipment information.

Denise Y, Massachusetts - 8/25/2015

Thank you

Perfect addition to our home wine bar project.

LisaD, Philadelphia, PA - 8/23/2015

Thank you

Perfect addition to our home wine bar project.

LisaD, Philadelphia PA - 8/23/2015


Very happy with my. Order will order again! 😃

Sharon B, Oklahoma City, OK - 8/17/2015


The corks were great, lots of different colors! Some of them were slightly broken from being uncorked, but that is why I ordered more than I needed.

[From WIDGETCO: We strive to eliminate any broken ones but a few can slip through, so we will be more careful.]

Meg S, Rhode Island - 8/17/2015

A second order and a third if I needed to!

After realizing the variety that came with the Used Wine Corks, Grade B, I opted to ordering the Grade A after some great advice from custumer support. The product was exactly what I needed and the service as the best! If I ever have a project that requires corks again, this is my go to spot.

Dennis P., Sun City, CA - 7/30/2015

Used Wine Corks, Grade A

Quick and simple process. A good variety of corks, very cheap, and arrived very fast.

Kim P., Amityville, NY - 7/25/2015

Grade A Wine Corks

Received corks way sooner than expected!!! Great product and great customer service when I had a question! Definitely would recommend!!!

Hilary S., Idaho Falls, ID - 7/20/2015

Used Wine Corks

I bought 6,000 Used Wine Corks. They are exactly what I wanted. Plus, they arrived right away (with free delivery).

Laura D, Hermosa Beach, CA - 7/10/2015

Grade A Wine Corks

We are using these corks for a wedding favor (wine cork coasters). They were shipped to us very fast and they are perfect for what we want! Glad I found this company! Thank You

Deboarh F., Horseheads, NY - 7/4/2015

Got what I paid for!

Very simple, I found what I wanted, ordered it and I got exactly what the description said. Thank you for making it simple and easy!

Mario S, Sacramento, CA - 6/25/2015

Used Wine Corks Grade A

Very pleased with product and arrived quickly!! Huge variety and great condition. Cannot wait to use these in our upcoming wedding.

Valerie M., California - 6/24/2015

Grade A used wine corks are indeed Grade A

We were very pleased by the variety and good condition of the 200 wine corks we ordered. They are very attractive, and will be excellent for crafts. Not the cheapest on the internet, but very good quality!

Nancy B, Bellingham, WA - 6/16/2015

Grade A Wine Corks

Prompt delivery of a quality product. I was completely satisfied with my purchase

Moses E., Thomasville, GA - 6/2/2015

Fast shipping!

My order arrived quickly and the corks are exactly what I was looking for.

Theresa B, Liverpool, NY - 5/28/2015

Fast Shipping, great product

Pleasantly surprised with how fast my order shipped. Great customer service-would recommend to others.

Erin P, New York, NY - 5/26/2015


Great for crafting love the variety will buy again!

Erik B, Gouverneur, NY - 5/22/2015

Used Wine Corks

Pleased with order and fast delivery

Joanne C, Connecticut - 5/21/2015


Arrived very quickly. I will be ordering again soon!

Jessica T, Illinois - 5/21/2015


The quality is great and the delivery was prompt. I highly recommend this product.

Rosie F., North Providence, RI - 5/13/2015

Used Wine Corks

I'm very pleased with them. There is a good variety of corks. and they arrived very quickly.

Janice D, Oregon - 5/12/2015


Ordered these to make key chains for a cancer patient and when they came I was quite surprised. They were much nicer than expected for the price. Will order again!

Cindy K, Illinois - 5/10/2015

Used wine corks

Just what I wanted and prompt delivery.

Kathryn D, Florida - 5/2/2015

Used Wine Corks

Just as promised! Exactly what we wanted and a very quick delivery

Robin K, Montgomery, AL - 4/27/2015

Used Wine Cork Order

I received this product very quickly and it was exactly as I had ordered it and what I expected. I was very pleased with the product!

Jacky D., Canada - 4/27/2015


Was very happy with my order. Would not hesitate to order again.

Donna B, Texas - 4/26/2015

267 wine corks

Great corks. Filled a large glass jar for display. Fast shipping.

Patrick R, Grosse Pointe Woods, MI - 4/25/2015

Satisfied Customer

My initial order never arrived - not sure why. However, I contacted customer service and they promptly addressed the matter and resent my order which arrived in a very short amount of time. Product was as described. Very pleased with my order and would recommend to anyone.

Anonymous, Las Vegas, NV - 4/20/2015

Grade A Wine Corks

Wonderful! I needed a bunch for upcoming crafts....ordered 1000....arrived quickly and such a great variety! Definitely will order more in the future!!! Thank you!!!

Christine L., Cleveland, OH - 4/15/2015

Used Wine Corks

Ordered them on a Monday, received them on a Wednesday. Exactly what I expected.

Julie Y, Fairfax, VA - 3/31/2015

Nice Variety

Arrived very quickly and very satisfied with condition of corks and variety.

Kacey K., Durham, NC - 3/26/2015

Very Happy

Love the wine corks, they look great and can't wait to use them in my party!!

Rebeca, New York, NY - 3/23/2015

Nice Variety

I bought these to use to create a bar that was a bit out of the ordinary, I cut them in half lengthwise and made a back splash out of them. There was a very nice variety of corks and it looks fantastic! Rapid shipping and product as described.

Donna G, Pennsylvania - 3/21/2015

Wonderful product

Great corks in excellent condition! Great for crafting!

Jes M., Ohio - 3/17/2015

Very Satisfied

Loved the wine corks. Great product and quality. Would definitely recommend.

Mary C, Arizona - 3/6/2015


Got these for some cork boards. For the price... 275 for 40 something bucks. Free shipping, I can't complain. I'm not gonna count them but hoping I got what I paid for. Saw a few corks that were a little jacked up from getting removed from the bottle, no biggie. I would order again.

Kathleen C., Queens, NY - 2/22/2015

Very Pleased

Received my order quicker than expected! Great assortment of corks...a couple broken, but I will definitely be ordering again!

Carol M., Butler, PA - 2/18/2015

Couldn't Be More Satisfied

Quality used corks at a reasonable price. This is the company I'll do business with in the future.

Paul R, Los Angeles, CA - 2/18/2015

Excellent service!

The shipping service was great and the corks are in excellent conditions! I'll definitely order again!

Emizael Moura, Danbury, CT - 2/17/2015


I received my order quick and the quality and assortment of corks was great

Kelly S, Kaukauna, Wi - 2/15/2015

Great service

The quality is exactly what I thought I was getting. Shipping was so fast! Recommended for everyone!

Nicole G, Pittsburgh, PA - 2/9/2015

Very Pleased

First time ordering. Very pleased with the corks and the fast delivery service. I will definitely order again. Great company to do business with.

Judy C, Arizona - 2/9/2015

Love love love!

Great product and super fast shipping!! Will definitely be doing business here again!

Melissa B., Las Cruces, NM - 2/7/2015

No complaints here

Love the quality corks! Shipping was amazingly fast!

Erika V., California - 2/2/2015

No complaints here

Love the quality corks! Shipping was amazingly fast!

Erika V., California - 2/2/2015

Lovin' the Corks

Very pleased with my orders from WIDGETCO. Never a problem, fast processing and delivery. Will definitely recommend to others.

Carla C., Woodbury Heights, NJ - 1/31/2015

Love love love

I absolutely love the product, the shipping time and this company. Couldn't be happier!

Missy M, Springfield, IL - 1/30/2015


Great communication, quick shipping, low price. Wonderful experience!

Amanda S, Nashville, TN - 1/22/2015


Great quality corks. I am corking and entire wall and needed these to finish up the last 10%.

Mary P, Florida - 1/20/2015

Absolutely Perfect!

This is my second order and I am absolute amazed at how fast they were shipped. These are very high quality and just what I needed to complete my project. Thanks

Mary S, Lupton, MI - 1/13/2015


The corks we received today were perfect! I'll be getting more very soon.

PW, South Carolina - 12/30/2014

Great speed of delivery and product

I was pleased with how fast the corks were delivered. The product itself is also as described and were exactly what I was looking for. I will use this company again in the future.

Alyshia D, Orient, OH - 12/28/2014

Wine corks

Very fast delivery , was very happy!

Mary H, North Dakota - 12/26/2014


Great product, great costumer service.

Monica, Miami, FL - 12/10/2014

Two orders

Two separate orders received in timely manner and exactly what I hoped for!

Loa R, Arizona - 12/6/2014

Perfect timing

Needed quality wine corks in a hurry. WIDGETCO came through. Enough said.

Mark S, Washington, DC - 12/4/2014


The product (Wine Corks) is what I was hoping for. I will use them to make little Christmas trees.

Inge H., New Jersey - 11/27/2014

Excellent service!

I needed used wine corks for a project that I am doing. At WIDGETCO they listened to me and I received my order in very good condition. I definitely recommend them for anything corky!

Fatti V-B, South Africa - 11/24/2014

Beautiful product

They are all in just great shape, in professional packageing, and delivered very promptly. I would highly recommend this seller.

Kathy H, Ohio - 11/23/2014

Very happy with my purchase!

I needed corks for a craft project. These were exactly as advertised and shipped and delivered very quickly. I ordered the Grade A corks and would definitely recommend this.

Deb H, Orlando, FL - 11/20/2014

Extremely Satisified!

I ordered the Grade A corks and was very surprised when they arrived. These are perfect. Better than expected!

Mary S., Lupton, MI - 11/20/2014

Great customer service!

This is my second order for a box of 5,000 corks. Corks came quickly, were exactly as promised, and exactly what we needed but the box was open. Their customer service acted quickly and sent additional corks. No hassle! Wonderful, fast service! Highly recommend this company!

Erica L, Mechanicsburg, PA - 11/3/2014

Great Job! Thank you!

This is a great company and I really like doing business with them!!!! This order had less than 2% throw away (synthetic corks, champagne corks, or unusable due to damage, etc.). This was an amazing selection and variety and I cannot tell you how happy we are. I have bought these corks probably 5 or 6 times over then last two years and this is, by far, the best order thus far. Normally I have had as much as 8% unusable, and I was very pleased with what I received this time. Thank you! These people are great! Shipping is always very quick as well. I am not easy to please, but these guys do it consistently. Thanks Widgetco!!!!! Russ

Russ G., Sheridan, WY - 11/3/2014

Wine Corks

The order was correct and timely, but there seems to be less variety, and the price is higher than my last order.

Jerry D., Crown Point, IN - 10/30/2014

Wine corks

Just what I needed to finish a project without having to drink another 100 bottles of wine. Nice variety and quick shipping.

April K, Fox River Grove, IL - 10/24/2014

Wine Corks

Always excellent service!

Kathy A, Gooding, ID - 10/7/2014

Quick and Easy

The corks I bought were exactly what I wanted. The collection included a lot of variety, good quality, reasonable price, and were shipped very quickly. No complaints!

Kim S., McKinney, TX - 9/29/2014


The product was perfect, very good quality corks. Just what I was looing for.

Red Red Wine, Irvington, VA - 9/27/2014

Great Experience

Loved the corks, they were of good quality -just as described, fast shipping will buy from again!

Kathy O, Stafford, VA - 9/6/2014

Good quality, fast delivery

The product was of very good quality and as described. I received it a lot quicker than expected. Thank you.

Sharon R., Sarasota, FL - 8/31/2014

Great product.

This is my second order with WIDGETCO. I've been extremely impressed with their product. I've ordered twice now Grade A Used Wine Corks for a project my wife and I are doing. It's going to make our project looks professional.

Kalvin S, Saint Charles, MO - 8/28/2014

Fast Delivery

Very quick response. Haven't counted all the corks yet, but at first glance, it's close and the corks are in good condition. I got what I wanted.

Mike O, Tucson, AZ - 8/26/2014


Exactly what was promised with quick, free delivery to boot. This was the first of many orders to come.

Mike A, Middletown, CT - 8/15/2014

A+ Service!!!

My order was completed, shipped and arrived quickly and I WILL order again!!!!

Kim N., Port Huron, MI - 8/5/2014


I make a living creating art out of used wine corks and WIDGETCO simply put has the best used corks anywhere. I just received my order of 70,000 grade A corks and they look great. Shipping was super fast and FREE and the folks at WIDGETCO are always friendly and helpful. Thank you for making my life and work easier with these great corks.

Scott G, Grand Rapids, MI - 8/2/2014

Grade A Corks

Great assortment of corks and really appreciated "no synthetics".

Mark C, San Francisco, CA - 7/31/2014

Great Product

I ordered these variety corks to use for wedding escort card holders, and they are perfect! The corks came super fast. Unfortunately a few were broken and cannot be used, but other than that I'm very pelased.

Bridget S., New Orleans, LA - 7/31/2014


These 400 assorted used natural corks are a PERFECT varity for my nifty 17" lazy susan I ordered from Grape something on line! So impressed!!! Moreover, they arrived within 3/4 business days.

Lin S., Las Vegas, NV - 7/25/2014

Wine corks

My order was just what I wanted and came really fast. Thank you.

Betty D., Virginia - 7/15/2014

Very pleased

Excellent! Excellent! I got exactly what I asked for! Very pleased with service as well. Thank you,

Evie O, Brampton, ONT Canada - 7/11/2014

Exactly as advertised

Arrived very quickly. Every cork in perfect condition, none broken up, great variety. Exactly what I wanted, great price.

Gail N, Lacey, WA - 6/27/2014

Just what I was looking for!

Very fast shipping! Arrived quicker than my items on Amazon Prime! The corks were perfect and all different!

Michelle R., Naperville, IL - 6/23/2014

Great purchase

Shipment got here quickly and corks were great for making my table number holders for my wedding!

Kristina S, Tennessee - 6/18/2014

Great Purchase

I've been collecting corks for months to use in a giant corkboard feature in my basement and needed quite a few to complete my project. I ordered 500 of the Grade A used corks. The price was the best I could find anywhere, they arrived quickly & the variety was excellent! A few pieces were broken or split - WIDGETCO replaced them with no problem. Will definitely order here again for my next cork project!

Lori S., Charlotte, NC - 6/13/2014

Used Wine Coeks

I ordered wine corks and they arrived in a Super Fast Fashion. Excellent assortment! Will order from WIDGETCO again.

Cathy B, New York - 6/11/2014

Perfect wine corks

Exactly what I wanted to make keychains for a bridal party. Inexpensive and fast shipping!

Becky N, Palmyra, PA - 6/9/2014

Used wine corks

Very best wine corks I have ever ordered. Super fast shipment I will be ordering more for all my needs.

Teri H, Tennessee - 6/9/2014

Corks Grade A

Very fast delivery with a great assortment of brand names & styles. Will definitely order from WIDGETCO again if I need more corks. I made a cork bar top.

Rebecca R, Merrillville, IN - 6/6/2014

Corks Grade A

Very fast shipping; making hot pan tray holders ; nice variety of corks. Will order more if needed.

Linda HO, Arizona - 6/4/2014

Just What I Wanted

The corks came just as I was thinking, and in very good time!

JasmineA, Minneapolis, MN - 6/3/2014

Grade A

Arrived on time and quality is great!! Made a huge ombré heart for a 50th wedding anniversary party, it was a huge hit! Will definitely order again!!

Paula A., California - 6/1/2014

Corks, Grade A

Excellent variety. Very fast shipping. Superb customer service.

Kathy A, Gooding, ID - 5/27/2014

Great quality

Will be using in a pattern for a table top, great variety will order more if needed. Good product. Thanks

Gary L., Florida - 5/22/2014

Used corks

Package came really fast and exactly what I ordered!!

Mlml, Philadelphia, PA - 5/21/2014

Perfect for my project!

Fast service, and exactly as described. Beats most other sites' prices.

Donna K., Pennsylvania - 5/21/2014

Amazing product

Using these for decor at my wedding. I have ordered 1000 and realized I need another 1000. I could have NEVER collected a variety of corks like this at this price. I have looked everywhere and this is the best price for corks around. Very pleased with what I recieved!

Lizzy O., Valencia, CA - 5/1/2014

Just what I was looking for - quick shipping!

I ordered 250 used wine corks on a Monday and by Friday of the same week they arrived! Super quick shipping time, and they were exactly what I wanted to do a wedding project. I'll definitely come back here when the need arises.

Valerie C, Denver, CO - 4/28/2014

Great Variety

The corks that were sent had a great variety from different wineries and look great in my wreath. That being said, the post office made me come and pick up the corks and pay an additional $3.15 to pick up my product. They were not pleased that 100 corks were shoved into a flat rate envelope.

[From WIDGETCO: On occasion, things do not go as they should. This is one of those times. Very sorry...we are refunding you the shipping charge.]

Sarah P., Moscow Mills, MO - 4/27/2014

Great Quailty

I received the corks in just a few days and was pleasantly surprised at how great quality they are. I agree with the other posters - by far the the cheapest and best corks to order in bulk.

Jen B., Rockville, MD - 4/26/2014

Love these corks!

I wanted to make a wine cork board and there was no way I would save up enough myself so I purchased these corks and was really impressed with the variety. They look wonderful on my cork board!!

Cindy K, Missouri - 4/14/2014

Grade A Corks

Received the corks very quickly. They are just what I needed and the best price on the market - by far. I will recommend WIDGETCO to all my friends!

Deena D, Salt Lake City, UT - 4/9/2014

Wow! Will be ordering again soon!

Bought these to craft some stuff for my upcoming winery wedding, and I'm very impressed! Instant notification of order, instant shipping, and great product exactly as described. Thank you!

Jen G., Norfolk, VA - 4/3/2014

Fast service! Exactly what I needed!

Order was processed immeditately. Delivery was incredibly fast. Really saved me because I was short on time.

Don G., Minneapolis, MN - 3/28/2014

Used Wine Corks

Very fast delivery and great looking corks. Great smell to the corks, making them very authentic.

Ana C, Texas - 3/5/2014

Used wine corks

Excellent customer service. Very fast shipping and great corks.

Kate A, Gooding, ID - 2/28/2014

Used wine corks bulk

Fast service, ordered 1500 for my daughters reception, would highly recommend for someone doing crafts with them they look great.

Vicki R, Iowa - 2/16/2014

Wine corks

These were great just what I was looking for. Again great service

Bonnie Ç, California - 2/15/2014

Came as promised

Fast service everything promised.

Justin C., Nashville, TN - 2/1/2014

Used wine corks

Very pleased with the product. Super fast shipment. Thanks.

Mari H, Goergia - 1/30/2014

used wine corks

Very pleased with product.

Sam H, Orlando, FL - 1/28/2014

Used Wine Corks, Grade A

Excellent Product, and fast delivery! Will use them again

Dan C, Dallas, TX - 1/22/2014

Great Quality and Variety

Good quality used corks with good variety. Fast shipping. Will definitely order here again!

Tracy Y., Dallas, TX - 1/21/2014

Grade A Wine Corks

I used corks for a wreath project because corks are made from natural cork, with no synthetics and, are mixed to provide a nice variety...creating an AWESOME wreath. Delivery was prompt. EXTREMELY happy with my purchase and about to order more!!

Lu S, Colorado - 1/20/2014

Grade A Wine Corks

This is my second order and just as the first the corks arrived fast and are GREAT!!

Jackie C., Indiana - 1/15/2014

Just As Advertised

Thank you for the prompt delivery. The corks are as promised. Don't hesitate to order.

Susan M., Maine - 1/12/2014


So happy with my purchase! These corks were great and arrived so fast!

Hollie H, Wyoming - 1/10/2014

Used Wine Corks, Grade A

Thank you for the fast delivery and great product! I will use again.

Melissa B, Sylacauga, AL - 1/7/2014

Used Wine Corks, Grade A

First time buyer, but not the last time! Very fast delivery and corks are great! Thank you!

Linda G, Gulfport, FL - 1/6/2014

Used Wine Corks, Grade A

Very fast delivery. Corks in great shape and nice variety. Will order again!

Pam B., Reading, PA - 1/3/2014

Used wine corks, Grade A

Very good shape, fine quality. Very fast in delivery

Dennis B., Baltimore, MD - 12/31/2013

Used wine corks, Grade A

Have purchased this item several times and always pleased with the quality and speed of delivery!

Mark S, La Porte, TX - 12/25/2013

Used Corks

Great condition and arrived fast! Will use again!

Angela N, St. Croix Falls, WI - 12/23/2013

Used wine corks

The corks arrived very quickly. They were exactly what we wanted. Could not have asked for better assistance.

Lisa E-C, Ohio - 12/23/2013

Used Wine Corks

Order was on time and corks are in very good condition. Overall, very happy with my purchase & will use WidgetCo again.

J.M.E., Pittsburgh, PA - 12/23/2013

Used Wine Corks, Grade A

Excellent, fast delivery.

Susan L., The Woodlands, TX - 12/22/2013

Response To Review

I'm very pleased with the response to my earlier review. I was missing a few corks from my order and had a damaged one as well. The company took it upon themselves to send me corks to cover the missing and damaged ones. I thought this was great customer service! I will definitely purchase from them again and recommend them to others in the future!!

D.P., Cleveland, OH - 12/20/2013

Used Wine Corks

Corks came fast and all of them were in good shape except for one. I used mine to line my dartboard cabinet. Worked Great.

Chris L., Phoenix, AZ - 12/19/2013

Wine Corks & Regular Corks

Great product, great service, love the wine corks!

Douglas N., Phoenix, AZ - 12/18/2013

Wine Corks

We are very satisfied with our order and especially how fast it came considering it was just a few weeks before Christmas, during the busy season for mailing.

Pat S, Vestal, NY - 12/17/2013

Used Wine Corks

This is the second time I've purchased used wine corks from WidgetCo. The first time was such a success that I bought from them again. They were delivered promptly & in good condition.

Lisa H., Lexington, KY - 12/17/2013

Grade A Wine Corks

The corks I purchased were great! I will order again as my craft project turned out great!!!!

Jackie C., Monticello, IN - 12/13/2013

Used Wine Corks Grade A

Exactly what I was looking for! I had no problems with the ordering process and delivery was fast. The only problem I had was that I ordered 100 corks and only received 96 corks. Also, 1 cork was very damaged and almost broken in half. I don't think I will be able to use that cork, so I only really have 95 corks that I will be able to use. Although I didn't receive my full order, I still would place another order and recommend this company to others.

[From WidgetCo: We will send out replacement corks for the short shipment...sorry for the inconvenience..]

D.P., Cleveland, OH - 12/12/2013

Used Wine Corks Grade A (and B)

I have purchased both Used Wine Corks Grade A & B and was very pleased in the quality of the entire order I received and I ordered 1000! Also the delivery time was outstanding. I will order again and recommend this businss to anyone that is looking for great service and a great product!

Carol W, Michigan - 12/10/2013

Used Wine Corks Grade A

Exactly what I needed and very fast response and delivered exactly as stated! I highly recommend this business and am a very happy customer. When I need corks again I will use WIDGETCO!

Sid R., McArthur Calif. - 12/8/2013

Used wine corks

Very pleased with purchase. Excellent condition.

Rose J, Graham, WA - 12/6/2013

Grade A

Good mixture; was hoping for same height size, but had some of every size & shape. Fast delivery!

Linda C, Virginia - 12/6/2013

Used Wine Corks

The corks were perfect. So many different wineries. I made a trivet and I have so many left for more projects. An excellent purchase!

Karen R., Sun Prairie, WI - 12/5/2013

Wine Corks

The corks were in excellent condition, nice variety and the order arrived in 2 days! Great service, great product.

Marsi A, San Clemente, CA - 11/29/2013

Wine corks

Excellent product, always a pleasure to work with you and thank you for fast shipping and superior customer service.

Kate A, Gooding, ID - 11/28/2013

Fantastic delivery

I ordered and I received! Purchased a week a ago and my order was delivered very fast. All corks were in good condition and exactly what I was looking for.

Tyrus T, California - 11/27/2013

Used Wine Corks, Grade A

Great price. Great variety. Completed my project earlier than expected due to quick shipment. Thx!

Joy P, Virginia - 11/25/2013

Used wine corks, grade A

Best price around fast shipping .Thanks, I'll be back for more soon.

Scott C, New York - 11/21/2013

Used wine corks, grade A

Quick delivery. Corks were just as described. Have ordered twice and will order again!

Karen B, Grant, AL - 11/20/2013

Used corks

Fast service. Love the quality of the corks! Would order from your company again.

Pauline C, Sanford, FL. - 11/18/2013

Used wine corks

Very pleased. Quick delivery and exactly what I wanted. Will definitely order again.

Teresa K, Bartlett, TN - 11/16/2013

CraftWorks by Aida

Excellent customer service. The corks arrived much faster as promised. Some champagne corks were mixed with the wine corks and some are broken and not usable in my projects and hopefully, the future shipments will be more carefully inspected for customer satisfaction and be classified as AAA grade.

[From WidgetCo: We will work to remedy this...we should not have included any champagne corks in the AAA. Sorry.]

Aida G, Colorado Springs, CO - 11/13/2013

Great for my crafts

A few not usable. A couple broken, but I can still use them. All around a great batch of corks! I would order again.

[From WidgetCo: We will definitely see how we can do a better job of eliminating any broken corks!]

Betty F., Albany - 11/13/2013


Great corks; fast shipping!

Sarah, Portland, OR - 11/11/2013

Used wine corks

I am very happy with the wine corks...arrived quickly and will be used behind a dart board....using barn wood or wine barrel staves as a frame...thank you for your product is perfect for my project!

Chris B, Findlay, OH - 11/10/2013

Grade A Used Corks

Arrived quickly, look very good. Nicer variety than previous orders.

Ray V, Old Town, ME - 11/8/2013

Used wine corks

Quick delivery, good condition, A-OK.

Tom D, Milford N.H. - 11/7/2013

Used Wine Corks

Great variety and condition. This is exactly what I was looking for!

Dena B, Poplar Bluff, MO - 11/4/2013

Grade A Wine Corks

The used wine corks were perfect! Came quickly and worked perfectly for our project! My wife wanted to fill two glass lamp bases and they turned out great with your corks. Will be ordering again from you, I'm sure!! Thank you!

Jim D, Annapolis, MD - 11/1/2013


Just received my corks in the mail. Great variety, great condition, extremely fast shipping. Exactly what I needed, no problems. Thank you!

Lauren B., Tampa, FL - 10/30/2013

Used Wine Corks Grade A

New customer and we were extremely satisfied. Corks were in excellent condition and were just as advertised. Delivery on time - no problems. We will recommend to our friends.

Ronald S., Stillwater, MN - 10/25/2013

Satisfied Customer

Ordering was flawless. Delivery was fast. Product was described. Thank you.

Beau B., Dexter, Mo - 10/22/2013


I also ordered synthetics to see which would be best for my craft project and think I like the mixture better as all cork is a little softer and I needed something a little firmer but both will do fine....I have already reordered to get more of the champagne corks which are bigger. Good variety and most in good condition...only 5 I couldn't use. Very happy with the product and the service I received.

Gwen M,, Denison, Texas - 10/21/2013

Exactly As Advertised

Ordered 1050 corks to install in a frame behind a dart board. 90% were in perfect shape and uniform size. About 5% were odd shaped and another 5% were slightly damaged or broken. We ordered extra, so had just enough to complete the project. Delivery was very timely - just a couple of days. Overall, very happy with experience.

[From WidgetCo: Thank you for the feedback...we will review our corks to make sure they are in conformance. If not, we will correct it.]

Derek R, Tampa, FL - 10/21/2013

Grade A Corks

Great shipping. 20% or so were plain wine corks, around 500 out of 2500.. A few champagne corks, and some cork stoppers mixed in with broken wine corks were also in the mix.

[From WidgetCo: That is too many blank corks and we sorry for any broken corks as this was an oversight on our part...we will fix this.]

Cliff S, USA - 10/18/2013


I received delivery the next day before lunch and it was free. The corks were a good variety and in excellant condition. Very pleased with WidgetCo.

Cliff S, Dallas - 10/12/2013

Happy Customer

Very fast delivery. The corks are wonderful and will work well for my project. Would definitely order again.

Sheryl S, Illinois - 10/11/2013

Satisfied Customer

Delivery was fast and corks were very good quality.

LuAnn G, Peculiar, MO - 10/7/2013


Good variety and great quality. Loved the fast delivery. Definitely will order again.

Dian, South Carolina - 10/7/2013

Fast Delivery!

Very fast delivery! All the corks look great....can't wait to start my project.

Nancy C., Fort Mill, SC - 9/30/2013

Love the corks!!!

I received the corks within 5 days of placing my order. They are in fabulous condition. Great variety of top wines. I would definitely order from them again.

Vivian G, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL - 9/28/2013

Great for my project!

The corks I ordered came in a timely fashion and there were a great assortment of all very good quality corks. Would definitely order again!

Skye S, Connecticut - 9/19/2013

I will be a repeat customer!

A good assortment and proportion of corks in the Grade A package. Very pleased :)

April B, Florida - 9/14/2013

Love This Company!

Had this product within 2 days of ordering and that was with standard shipping! Corks were exactly as described, loved them and will definitely order from here again.

Tiffany M, Bacliff, TX - 9/11/2013

Great product

Product was as expected and in great condition for used cork. Delivery was fast. I would recommend to anyone that needed cork for a project.

Keith S, Dallas, TX - 9/10/2013

As expected

I am absolutely thrilled with the variety of corks I received! Great for my cousins wine theme bridal shower!

Jennifer F, Brooklyn, NY - 9/7/2013

Loved Them!

I couldn't believe how great the wine corks looked when they arrived! The quality was better than I thought they would be. Thanks for making it easy to order 5000 quality wine corks.

Deanna H., Lafayette, LA - 9/7/2013

Just what i wanted

They were perfect. Had looked all over on line and amounts were 100, 500, 1000. I needed 130. That fact and also that they were used and top quality. Thanks so much!

Susie P., Sonora, CA - 9/3/2013


Just how I imagined them to be. Fast shipping! Will do business with these guys again! :)

Caroline C, Norwalk, CA - 8/31/2013

Grade A used wine corks

Fast delivery, very few unusable corks. Would order a second time.

Elaine L, Lexington, NC - 8/30/2013

Perfectly Perfect

Fast filling and shipping on the order - all was better than expected. Finished one project and started a second. Thank you!!!!

Chris L., North Carolina - 8/28/2013

Grade A used wine corks

Filling and shipping my order was quick an accurate. Great job

Robert M, South Dakota - 8/27/2013


The corks were perfect for what I needed, Thanks so much!

Mary M, Esterro, Florida - 8/26/2013

Very happy!

The corks were just like I wanted them and they'll be perfect for my crafts!

Julieta C., Guatemala - 8/23/2013


They were a gift and my friend was delighted with them. I was impressed by the speedy delivery. thanks

Candie W, Missouri - 8/22/2013

Happy Customer

My wife is a happy customer. Items arrived as advertised and fast.

Camtu D., Keller, TX - 8/22/2013


They came very fast and are perfect for what I need them for! Very happy!

Danielle P., West Islip, NY - 8/22/2013

Just the right amount!

Thank you very much for your prompt delivery, I will order again.

Deborah B, Alabama - 8/21/2013


The corks were perfect and arrived very fast!

Tracey L, Connecticut - 8/18/2013

Absolutely perfect!

I purchased the Grade A corks and they are perfect. A nice variety, no synthetics like the site displays and the box was on time. The corks were bought via PayPal, having that extra security made it that much better. This is a real site, I am a real bride-to-be and these corks helped make my theme fit without having to drink 200+ bottles of wine in three months.

Kat D, USA - 8/16/2013

Super fast shipping

The corks were just as expected and no odor at all. Just trying to think of my next project for corks : )

QP, Tulsa - 8/15/2013

Amazing Service!

The items were exactly as described and arrived unbelievably fast. Perfect in every way. I wish all companies had your commitment to customer service. Thank you!

Lyn D., Minnesota - 8/9/2013


This is just what I wanted

LF, USA - 8/2/2013

Very Pleased

I have been looking for corks a long time! Yours are exactly what I needed. There is a variety of sizes & all are usable. I made Wine Cork Wreaths & you just made my job a whole lot easier!! They arrived much earlier than I expected! THANK YOU!!!

Diane M., California - 7/24/2013

Thank You

I received my corks within the 2 week time frame and have since made the most awesome cork board.

Larissa B, Waroona, Western Australia - 7/21/2013


Order 650 for our upcoming wedding. From what I can see so far, there were 2 synthetics. Out of 650 I'm okay with that! They are a good mix of red and white. Very pleased. I would order again if needed!

Carly O, KY - 7/20/2013


We recieved the used corks a lot quicker then I thought. They are all great quality. We are getting married at a winery and can't wait to use them on our invitations.

Leesa G, Melbourne, Australia - 7/8/2013

Great Service!

The corks came the following day and the assortment was much better than I expected.

Drew D, Bethlehem, PA - 7/5/2013

Great Product

The corks came quickly and just what I wanted.

Tina C, Castalia, Ohio - 7/5/2013


The corks arrived so fast and better that we expected. Perfect. Thank you so much.

Leila H, Abu Dhabi - 7/1/2013


The corks were better than advertised and arrived just when you said they would. Can't wait to get my cork message board completed. Thanks so much!

Toni B., Sun City, AZ - 6/26/2013


My corks arrived quicikly and were better than I expected. Thanks so much! My wine cork holder is now stuffed :)

Pam M, Valrico, FL - 6/24/2013

Used wine corks

Excellent, Awesome, Perfect and.....Super fast shipping. Thank you

Kate, Gooding, ID - 6/19/2013


Thank You !!! Fast delivery. The corks are just beautiful !!!

Peggy D., Maryland - 6/15/2013


The used wine corks were perfect and arrived much sooner than promised. Totally satisfied!!!

ST, Maryland - 6/11/2013

Used Corks

Fast delivery, was able to track my order easily and they were exactly what I expected.

Mark D., Georgia - 6/4/2013

Used wine corks, Grade A

Great selection of corks. Super fast! Can"t wait to get my project started. Thanks!

Candy A, California - 5/31/2013


I ordered these corks to use as escort card holders for our wedding and they were great. Exactly as described!

Kevin, New Jersey - 5/15/2013

Used wine corks, Grade A

As always the corks are amazing. I love to brag about the super fast shipping too. Excellent customer service.

Kathy A, Gooding, ID - 5/14/2013

Grade A Corks

The service was great. I got exactly what I was looking for,no problem

Mark, Galhoun, GA - 5/13/2013

Exactly what I was looking for

Great quality.

Steph, Chicago, IL - 5/10/2013

Wine themed wedding

Great assortment & quality! Used them to hold place cards. Exactly what I ordered.

Sue T., Ormond Beach, FL - 5/1/2013

Great Corks

They were perfect, well priced and arrived very fast! Thank you

Vicki W, Lakewood, CO - 5/1/2013

Return Customer !

Always fast and great quality

Mark S., La Porte, TX - 4/30/2013

Box Smelled Awesome

Great quality corks. Box smelled awesome. Got here in no time. Perfect for my project.

Tim B, Little Rock, AR - 4/29/2013

Decorative Piece

I ordered 300 corks for a project and I have to say it was a wonderful mix of some really great wines!!! Definitely would purchase again.

Maria S, Virginia - 4/27/2013

We were extremely happy with our purchase

It was exactly as sold and shipped timely.

John A, East Rutherford, NJ - 4/27/2013

We were extremely happy with our purchase

It was exactly as sold and shipped timely.

John A, East Rutherford, NJ - 4/27/2013

Great Product

I ordered used wine corks. I was really pleased with the quality of the corks and the really fast delivery of my order. I will definitely order from WidgetCo again.

Robin C, California - 4/24/2013

No more eBay

WidgetCo is the way to go for used corks. Fast, good quality and reasonably priced!

Renee K, Gillespie, IL - 4/22/2013

Future project

I ordered used wine corks. Shipping was fast and I love the assortment of corks. Thanks.

Debby W., Florida - 4/16/2013

Great Service and Product

These were delivered fast and were all real corks as the description indicated. I haven't been through the whole box, but I haven't found an issue yet! I will order again!!

Beth, Wisconsin - 4/10/2013

Decorative Touch

Ordered these for a dining table centerpiece! Quick and easy sums it all up!

Monique S., North Carolina - 4/7/2013

Great Purchase

I ordered 275 corks for a project and I have to say it was a wonderful mix of some really great wines!!! Definitely would purchase again

Jenell L., Concord, CA - 4/3/2013

Love Corks

I was so happy with my corks, I was so glad to know I could order them this way. I make trays made out of wood to use as hot pads & everyone loves them. Thank you so much!!

Lindy I, Marietta, GA - 4/1/2013

Love my corks!

I am very happy with the assortment of corks I recieved from you and with the fast turn around time!!

Elaine B, Flint, MI - 3/24/2013

Used Wine Corks

I'm doing a backsplash in wine corks... and these are great! Nice variety; and delivered on time. Although the box was about to pop open when I received it. Another strip of tape around the box wouldn't have hurt. [From WidgetCo: Sorry for the problem with the packaging. We will get this corrected.]

Judy V, Pembroke Pines, FL - 3/23/2013

Grade A, Used Wine Corks

My customers love these corks. Great variety, very fast shipping and perfect customer service. I won't buy them anywhere else.

Kathy A, USA - 3/21/2013

Really great quality and prompt delivery

My order arrived promptly and in excellent condition! We will be back!

John H, Flemington, NJ - 3/21/2013

Fantastic corks!

I bought these for a craft project I was doing, the corks are fabulous! Thanks

Amanda J, Chicago, IL - 3/20/2013

Couldn't be Happier!

I ordered 1000 Grade A corks for my upcoming wedding. They will be used for placecard holders. I couldn't be happier! Thanks!

Abby R, Stillwater, MN - 3/19/2013

Great Quality

The corks that arrived were high quality and as mentioned in previous reviews, a nice variety. I'm using them for our wedding place cards and they are perfect. Thanks!

M, PA - 3/18/2013

Very impressed

Great quality, nice variety of designs on the corks. Working on some craft projects with corks and the assortment is fantastic...I have already ordered a 2nd batch and will be back for more!

Julie H, Grand Rapids, MI - 3/16/2013

Used Wine Corks, Grade A

Always great corks and great customer service. Will buy again.

Edmond N, Illinoise - 3/5/2013

Used Wine Corks for projects

These are the lowest price I could find for used wine corks. They shipped and arrived on time. Perfect for my projects!

Janette H, Fayetteville, NC - 3/4/2013

Used Wine Corks for Wedding Favors

These are the lowest price wine corks I could find online. Mine are in great shape, they don"t smell funky and, most importantly, they shipped on time. Perfect for my wedding project!

Katie N., Spring Hill, FL - 2/22/2013

Used Wine Corks, Grade A

Always a pleasure to work with these folks. Super fast shipping and the quality is perfect. Thank you for another big box.

Kathy A, Gooding, ID - 2/22/2013

Used Wine Corks, Grade A

I am very pleased with my order! They got to my door step in a timely fashion and they were perfect for my craft! I will definitely keep doing business here and will recommend this site to everyone! Thank you!

Christina F, Sidney, NE - 2/15/2013

Great quality, fast service

Corks are in great shape and will work perfectly in crafting projects.

Sharon S., Richmond, Va - 2/13/2013

Box O Corks

Order was processed and shipped quickly and exactly as ordered! Thank You!

Alex K, Allentown PA - 2/12/2013

Happy Corker!!!

I love my purchase. I'm decorating for a wedding at a vineyard and the corks I ordered to use are perfect. I'd order again!!!!!

Brenda C., Charlotte, NC - 2/5/2013


Thank you so very much for the courteous, prompt processing of my order. A few corks were not suited for my project and were quickly replaced cheerfully and immediately shipped! Again, many thanks for a fun, no hassle shopping experience. The corks are great! Thank you!

Lorraine P, Flourtown, PA - 2/5/2013

Pleased Customer

Even though reviews were positive, I was not sure what to expect. Now that I have received my order, I can't say enough for the fast service and quality of product received. I will continue to order through

David B., Macomb, MI - 1/31/2013

Corks for Italian theme event

Loved the corks, quality perfect, staff was great when I had a question. But almost missed the event had to be driven to the event site, 2 hrs before the start so it was a bit stressful. I paid for 2nd day but came on 3rd day even when customer service assured me it would be sent out the day ordered. Not sure if supplier or shipper messed up. But again LOVE the product. [FROM WIDGETCO: We will definitely look into the error in shipping and sorry for any inconvenience this caused].

Karen R, Knoxville TN - 1/30/2013


Shipped extremely fast. Great products for a great price. Lowest price I found anywhere, and the assortment of these particular corks are amazing. No two corks alike.

Mike K., Mobile, AL - 1/29/2013

Wine cork order

Fantastic!!!!! I have never had such an easy time ordering ANY product. This was smooth from order to delivery. The corks are perfect for all craft projects. I will be ordering again now that my wife knows its this easy... ouch...

Ray A., Bradenton Fl. - 1/28/2013

Grade "A" Used Wine Corks

Fantastic service! The items were well received and exactly what I have been sourcing for! Very satisfied.. Thanks!

Veronica N., Singapore - 1/27/2013

Used Wine Corks, Grade A!

Love them! They were exactly what I was looking for! Look great !

Bre B, Alabama - 1/26/2013

Wine Corks

They were beautiful. Got here faster than I thought and were nicer and better assortment than I thought. Very happy! Thanks

Michelle Z., West Palm Beach, FL - 1/24/2013

Used Wine Corks - Excellent

Will order again from here again. Timely and got exactly what I wanted in great condition.

Andrew K, Houston, TX - 1/24/2013

Used Wine Corks, Grade A

Everything was exactly as advertised. I am very pleased with this purchase and will probably order again from here.

Bill N, Morganton, Ga. - 1/22/2013

Great assortment - pefect for

I used these corks to fill two large clear table lamp bases (approx. 300 used, Grade A wine corks). I've gotten so many compliments on how amazing the lamps look. Impressive variety and quality of corks + good price + super fast shipping = a product and vendor I would absolutely recommend.

Sara R., Tulsa, OK - 1/21/2013

They are EXACTLY what I wanted :)

They are fantastic. They arrived quickly. Thank you

Rebecca W., Michigan - 1/18/2013

Can't wait to get started!

I was so happy to receive my order in only a few days and the corks are a great assortment. I am working on a project that needed a ton and my friends and I couldn't save them quickly enough. I feel your prices are very reasonable and I received the free shipping on my order.

Becky R, Iowa - 1/16/2013


The wine corks were great, a couple were messed up though. Other than that they delivered them fast and majority of the corks were in great shape.

Becca O., Bryan, TX - 1/14/2013

Exactly what I ordered and super fast service!!

The used grade a wine corks I received were EXACTLY what I ordered and will be great for my craft project! I ordered on a Saturday and had them on Tuesday! WOW! I will definitely order from WIDGETCO again and will recommend to all my friends as well!

Glenda M., Tyler, TX - 1/13/2013

Great product, quick delivery

Nice variety, perfect for my craft project.

Blake R, NYC - 1/12/2013

Great Design Aspect!

I was needing additional corks to fill a glass lamp. The selection I received was great! It was the perfect selection of various corks from different wineries!

Andrea H, Alabama - 1/8/2013

Save the day

I was making a Christmas present for my dad out of recycled wine corks and ran short. I found WIDGETCO online in my search to complete my project and just prayed they would get here in time. I couldn't believe that were at my door the very next day and just what I needed. I would order again for my next project and recommend to others looking for the same thing.

Kristy D, Livonia, MI - 1/2/2013

Used Wine Corks - Perfect Selection

These corks are perfect! Great assortment. I definitely recommend.

Paula B, Shawnee, KS - 12/31/2012


Quick, well packaged, as described.

Jim F, Georgia - 12/28/2012

Used wine corks

Another perfect order. Wonderful service and super fast shipping.

Kathy A., Gooding, ID - 12/26/2012

Excellent product & service

Corks were just as the description stated and they shipped earlier than I had expected. Great experience!!!!

Rob G., Albany, Oregon - 12/19/2012


There was a wide varitey of different corks! All very unique and cool looking! It was shipped and delivered extremely fast. Wish I would have ordered a bigger package!

Kelsey B., Louisiana - 12/13/2012

Used Wine Corks

The used wine corks are just what I ordered.

Phyllis D, Mesa - 12/13/2012

Great Deal!

This purchase was delivered in a timely manner and was exactly what I was expecting.

Rachel C, Virginia - 12/11/2012

Grade A used wine corks

Out of 200 that I ordered, approximately 20 of them were split or damaged, but the ones that weren't were very nice .. great variety .. it makes crafts very interesting with all of the different designs and wine color stains.

[FROM WIDGETCO: Replacement corks were sent out to remedy error.]

P.H., Vermont - 12/9/2012

Used Wine Corks

Very quick delivery and great value !

Mark S., LaPorte, TX - 12/7/2012

Used Wine Corks

Super customer service and always satisfied with these corks. Excellent quality.

Kathy A., Gooding, ID - 12/5/2012

Used corks

I have purchased corks from these guys a few times (I make cork boards) and they are easy to work with, well priced and always quick to get my order to me! The corks are great too...good quality and variety.

Kelly M., Colorado - 12/5/2012

The corks are exactly what I wanted

This is my second purchase from WidgetCo. Since I do different things decorating with wine bottles and corks, these will come in perfect for a wreath I'm trying to make. I will be placing another order when I figure out how many more I will need. Delivery was absolutely FAST! Especially loved the variety! No doubt I would absolutely recommend WidgetCo to anyone!

Barb S., Illinois - 12/3/2012

Used Wine Corks

Received the Grade A used wine corks. Exactly as advertized. Thanks.

Hunter E, Rocky Mountains - 12/2/2012

1000 Corks

Just got my order...quite pleased. Huge variety! Almost all are different! Have only found 5 broken corks so far. Will definately purchase again!!! Fast delivery.

Leigh H, Minnesota - 11/29/2012

Very happy with selection and fast delivery!

I was happy with the cork selection and condition. They arrived as scheduled.

Kris W, Troy, Michigan - 11/26/2012

Pleased and a Fast Delivery

No issues at all, Happy with product and delivery time.

Jill, IL - 11/21/2012

Very Pleased and a Fast Delivery

Very happy, it was everything it said it would be.

Natalie B, Toronto - 11/14/2012

Best used wine corks!!!

Loved the variety. Great price and fast delivery. Again, the variety was unbelievably wonderful!

Deb R., Roxbury NY - 11/13/2012

Very Impressed

My order was shipped out the same day it was purchased. I was very happy with the product & the fast delivery! A+++

Sandy B, MO - 11/8/2012

Perfect corks!

The corks I ordered came quickly and were exactly as described - used AAA with no synthetic corks. They corks were in great shape and perfect for my project. Thanks for the wonderful customer service!

Val C., Andover, MN - 11/5/2012

Great DEAL!

Quick delivery with a hurricane and all....great variety of corks for crafting and wedding projects! Thank You!

Chris S., Connecticut - 11/5/2012

Couldn't ask for more!

Great product, fast delivery! Will order again!

Denise B, Ohio - 11/3/2012

Great Deal, Great Service

Ordered corks and they arrived in 5 days (included a weekend). Order was perfect and so now I have no excuses to do my projects. Free shipping, great customer support, great product. Cannot be beat ! ! !

Tom B., Eureka, CA - 10/26/2012

Having a blast

Making Christmas presents for my family. The fun is matching up the sizes. Will be a great cold night project. Will definitely be ordering more.

Vicki B, Texas - 10/24/2012

Wonderful to do business with.

I ordered wine corks to make a wreath. My corks were recd the next day. I didn't have enough so I ordered some more and my order was received in 2 days!!! The quality of the corks was great and my wreath looks so classy hanging on my dining room wall. I would definitely order from these guys again.

Tricia S., Texas - 10/24/2012

Great! Just what I needed

These corks were great! Exactly what I was looking for in such short notice! They were sent right on time! Very nice variety!

Nadine, NY - 10/23/2012

As Advertised

Great product - finished off my wine cellar ceiling.

Harvey Y., NJ - 10/22/2012


Fast and efficient! We will definitely be making a future order.

Jay M, Wyoming - 10/21/2012

Cork Craftsman

My order was for 100 corks and the quality was nearly 100% with only a couple of unusable items. I'll continue to use WidgetCo. The prices are (+/-) fair and delivery is excellent. Thanks for being a good source.

Jerry D., Las Vegas, NV - 10/19/2012

Used wine corks

I ordered the used wine corks and they were delivered quickly! Just what I was looking for; they even smelled like wine!

Emily G., Michigan - 10/14/2012

Wine Corks

Arrived Fast, Great Assortment, Absolutely Love Them. Would definitely recommend!

Michelle R, York, Pa - 10/11/2012

Phenomenal Customer Service

I ordered ten wine corks, but three of them did not have the name of the winery on them. I emailed my concern, and Widget overnighter me five replacement corks free of charge. It's hard to believe that a company's customer service is that good, but it is.

Joel M., Burke, Va - 10/8/2012

Great service and quality corks

Fast service and assorted quality corks. I will be a long time customer.

Sarah G., Nashville, TN - 10/2/2012

Wine Corks

Super fast shipment! Very satisfied with the product!

Ashley C., Humble, TX - 9/27/2012

Wine Corks

Order arrived sooner than expected. Very satisfied with the product. Your service was great. Thanks - will highly recommend your company.

Clara, North Carolina - 9/25/2012

Great Product

Order arrived lighting fast. Product was exactly what I expected it to be. Great.

Gregory H., Monroe, LA - 9/24/2012

Very Satisfied

I am very satisfied with my order. Thanks!

Jody, Missouri - 9/18/2012

Used Grade A Wine Corks

Corks arrived quickly and they are in very good condition and on top of this great service. I will buy again. Thank you.

Edmond, Illinois - 9/12/2012

Used, Grade A, Wine Corks

My order arrived very quickly, and there was a good amount of variety in the wine corks! I especially like that detail for my wreaths.

Angie K., Missouri - 9/6/2012

Corks as Place Card Holders

I ordered the used corks grade A to make DIY place card holders for my wedding. I like the mixture of corks that seemed to have a hidden story behind them. My bridesmaids said "they are the corkiest corks!". The order arrived in Canada promptly and well packed.

Debbie W, Canada - 9/6/2012

Wine Corks

My order arrived quickly and the wine corks are fabulous. Lots of variety and excellent condition.

Leslie N., California - 9/5/2012

Wine Corks

My order arrived quickly and the wine corks are fabulous. Lots of variety and excellent condition.

Leslie N, California - 9/5/2012

Wine Cork Snowman

Thanks for great service. I just finished making 35 snowman ornaments from the used wine corks. They worked perfect.

Ann, Maryland - 8/29/2012

Used Wine Corks

Holy cow, came home 4 days after I ordered and my shipment of corks were sitting in my carport! Super fast delivery and excellent service every time I order. I love these corks and would never purchase from another supplier. Customer service is outstanding.

Kathy A, Gooding, Idaho - 8/28/2012

Used Wine Corks

While we preferred to get (as in the past) the unused corks for the projects we do, the used ones worked out fine. Of the 100 corks, there were only about 10 duplicates. All were in excellent condition for how we plan to use them. We will be ordering more in the near future.

Chuck F., Michigan - 8/28/2012

Great Corks!

Speedy delivery, excellent selection of corks! GREAT PRODUCT!

Patti M., CA - 8/27/2012

Used Wine Corks

WOW!!! These came in much better shape than I expected and arrived quickly. I am very pleased with the price, quality and convenience of this order!

Nickie T., Texas - 8/24/2012

Amazing wine corks

The wine corks were better than I was expecting! I am extremely pleased with my purchase and I would recommend this site to anyone.

Jackie B, New York - 8/23/2012

Used Wine Corks, Grade A

These were even better than expected and the shipping was super fast! Will definitely do business with Widgetco again!

Shannon P, OK - 8/22/2012

Wine Corks

Very pleased with the product and the fast service...plan on ordering more real soon.....

George P, Winter Park, Florida - 8/18/2012

Like Clockwork

Delivery was quick and items were just as expected. Thanks!

Bebe, Ohio - 8/17/2012


I ordered a bunch of the wine corks for my wedding and they shipped them to me super fast and they all look wonderful! Thank you!

Leah K., Manchester, NH - 8/17/2012


This is the second time I have used these and I am still so very pleased. The Corks are great and the delivery is speedy. Love the free delivery!! Keep up the great work!!

Barbara p, New York City - 8/17/2012

Great cusomer service!

Corks were great and exactly what we were looking for to use in our wedding decor. There were a few missing in the original shipment, but they shipped them out to us right away and even gave us a few extras! Thank you!

Ann G., Michigan - 8/16/2012

Used Grade A Wine Corks

I have sold thousands of these corks for weddings and crafts. The quality is excellent and the delivery is super fast. It is a pleasure working with Widget Co. Thank you for helping with the success of my shop,

Kate A, Gooding, Idaho - 8/13/2012

Exactly as Described

Corks were exactly what we wanted, and with speedy delivery.

Jeremy, Cincinnati, OH - 8/12/2012

Speed of Light!!

The delivery was super fast!! The corks are as described - competitive pricing. Thank you!

James S., DFW. Texas - 8/9/2012


Needed 500 corks for wedding centerpieces!! The natural used corks are great, the price was right and the shipping was super fast! Thank you!

Barbara P, New York City - 8/7/2012


Everything came exactly as I had expected, and very quickly too! They will make excellent wedding decorations!!

Teri K, Omaha NE - 8/3/2012

Perfection :-)

I wanted some used corks to fill a glass apothecary jar (because I couldn't drink wine fast enough!) and these were just what I needed. Now I have a display jar about 2/3 full & nobody knows I "cheated" on my wine cork collection :-)

Michele R., Irvine, CA - 8/3/2012


Exactly what I was looking for. Fast delivery. Great quality and variety!

Beth F, MN - 8/1/2012

Best corks I've found.

Very fast delivery and great service. The corks are the best I've found online! Great quality!

Scott G, MI - 7/31/2012

Very nice - just what I wanted

Thanks for delivering on what was advertised. I'm really happy with my whole order. Really fast shipping, too!

Barb W, New York - 7/25/2012

Used wine corks

Great customer service. Great product. Thanks.

Aida F., CA - 7/21/2012


Great corks - quick delivery!

Beth H., TN - 7/20/2012


Fast delivery, well packaged and excellent product, just as pictured. Such fantastic service and easy site to use, a big thanks from a New Zealand fan!

Vicki R., New Zealand - 7/19/2012

Great service

My bag of wine corks was at my door a few days after my order. that's how it should be done when ordering things online!

Paulie P, Charlestown, MA - 7/15/2012

Exactly what I expected

Very nice variety, some had red on the ends so they were obviously used, but in good condition. I am using them to make table number holders for my wedding. Arrived quickly as well!

Katie M., Easton, MD - 7/10/2012


This was a perfect addition to our wedding centerpiece vases ... loved the color compilations and variety. Shipped and arrived quickly. Thank you! :-D

Michelle P, Scottsdale, AZ - 7/9/2012

Exactly what I wanted!

Perfect! Thanks

Matt S., Matthews, NC - 7/4/2012

Just Right!!!

The corks arrived quickly. We have already begun making the votives and cork letters for our son's after-rehearsal party. The corks are great and working very well for our craft needs. I highly recommend these corks and this company.

Ginger M., Washington, DC - 7/2/2012

Exactly what I was looking for!

The wine corks are perfect for the project I am completing.

Michelle, Washington D.C. - 7/2/2012


Perfect. My daughter had them signed by her wedding guests to keep in a glass jar.

Jill C., Pennsylvania - 6/25/2012

used wine corks

Fast delivery....should work great for name cards on glasses.

Marsha L., Wisconsin - 6/25/2012

Great Service

I ordered corks for my wedding decor, I was surprised to have gotten my order so quickly and at such a great price -- with shipping included! When the package came I thought surely this small box wasn't the 500 I ordered. So I counted them out and it was only off by 10. But I still wanted my 10 I had ordered. I emailed the company on that Saturday, expecting not to hear back from them until the following week and worried about the drama this may cause. I recieved a response immediately, very kindly and apologetic. They shipped out the rest of my order and included 5 extra the following business day! So helpful. I was very shocked and appreciative of such great customer service that is hard to find these days.

Kayla B., California - 6/24/2012


I ordered the wrong items and emailed the company before my order was sent. They cancelled my order and placed a new correct order the same day. Got my order two days later! Excellent service. Will order from them again!!

Erin M, Chicago - 6/19/2012

Thank You a Million!

I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for your efficiency! My order got here in record time, you answered my question immediately, and my shipment was in perfect condition! Thank you a million times over, you are appreciated!

Jocelyn K., North Plainfield NJ - 6/14/2012


These guys are incredible thank you, very much

Graham C., Anaheim, CA - 6/13/2012


I appreciate your company's dedication to customer satisfaction.

Brian L., Las Vegas, NV - 6/13/2012

I'm impressed

I just received 1,000 assorted used wine corks that I ordered from WidgetCo. I have seen many wine corks in my years, from drinking wine, being in various commercial wineries, and being a home wine maker, and I'm impressed with how nice the corks are, and the variety. I also like the price. I shopped around for a while before buying from WidgetCo, and they clearly have the best price, and the shipping was free.

Bret M., Nebraska - 6/12/2012