1/4" White Hole Plugs


Part Number: 2-250-100-P

Color: White
Fits Hole Size: 1/4” (6mm)
Plug Diameter: 1/4” (6mm)
Plug Length: 1/4” (6mm)
Top Diameter: 5/16” (8mm)
Material: Polypropylene

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1/4" White Hole Plugs are plastic hole plugs to cover, conceal and decorate 1/4 inch diameter holes in cabinets, furniture, window frames, vinyl fences and elsewhere. Fits any 1/4" diameter holes. Hole Cover Widgets work practically anywhere indoors and out. Made from high-impact injection molded plastic. More colors.

Hole Plug Sizes: 3/16” | 5mm | 1/4” | 8mm | 5/16” | 10mm | 3/8” | 12mm | 1/2”



Fast Service

I ordered the wrong size (on me) but there service is so fast I was able to use the wrong one's to restock my tool box and reorder the right size and still complete the job on schedule. Believe me when I say they are almost as fast as McDonald's!!

Steven S, Illinois - 7/18/2016

White hole plugs

The plugs worked great covering up some shelf holes in our new cabinets. Web site was easy to maneuver and the product arrived quickly.

Fran K, Maryland - 7/17/2016

1/4" White Hole Plugs

Smooth transaction - product arrived as described and on-time. It is exactly what I needed to hide the balance of the shelf holes!!!

Mike C, California - 7/11/2016

1/4 inch plugs

Nice plugs but they are a little small for a 1/4 inch hole I had to drill a 15/64 inch hole and they fit good I like them

John P, Clearwater, FL - 6/23/2016

Hole plugs

These are great! The hide the shelf holes beautifully!

Laura C., USA - 6/19/2016

1/4 " hole plugs

These things are too small. They measure approximately .240 " in diameter with the small ridges barely increasing the overall diameter to .255 " in diameter . All drilled holes in wood cabinets are a little over 1/4 " in diameter rendering these hole plugs mostly useless.

Doud B., Reno, NV - 6/9/2016

Just what I was looking for

Tough to find a quality hole plug but you've come to the right place with these!

Hal M., Southwestern, CT - 5/16/2016

5 Stars

Guys your service was great. Unfortunately, I apparently I ordered the wrong size plugs. They are too deep to fit my doors. I probably needed to order the smallest depth-wise plugs. My bad. I'm not sure how to make a true measurement since I don't have a MM measuring device. I can send you a picture if that would help resolve my problem. Thanks for your help.

Grover W., Chelsea, AL - 5/13/2016

1/4" Plugs

Perfect size for plugging 1/4" holes

Ron S, New Jersey - 5/1/2016

Bumper Plug

Quick shipping, great product.

Bob D, Florida - 4/15/2016

1/4" white hole plugs

Just what I needed at 1/4 the price I found at home stores.

Dave A, Cherry Hill, NJ - 3/23/2016

1/4 white plugs

Order shipped within hours and shipping charge is reasonable for small quantities. Softer plastic is easy to work with and less likely to break if reused.

Wayne M, Warwick, NY - 3/20/2016


These came fast and are exactly as advertised - well made and sturdy. No switch for a cheaper product.

Jeanne A., Shreveport, LA - 3/13/2016

Kitchen Remodel

Needed white 1/4" hole plugs for the finishing touch on a kitchen remodel. We added glass doors on some upper cabinets. Didn't even think about the holes that were now front and center for all to see. WIDGETCO shipped our order same day and the white plugs arrived as promised. They fit perfectly and provided the final touch on our updated kitchen. Thanks!!

Steve C., Kansas City, MO - 2/16/2016

Great little hole plugs

I build custom cabinets for a living and most customers like to have adjustable shelving in the upper cabinets. The 1/4" hole plugs are perfect to cover the unused shelf pin holes in the cabinet interior and make it more pleasing to look at.

John T., Concord, CA - 2/15/2016

1/4 white plugs

I ordered this size just in case the 3/16 did not work/fit. Just extras and good to have as I could not find these plugs locally. Thanks.

Rickey M, North Carolina - 2/5/2016

1/4 inch white plugs

Great product, great delivery, and good price

Gilbert C, USA - 1/28/2016

Not for Salt & Pepper Shakers Stoppers

These are a quality product but don't work well for salt & pepper shaker stoppers. Not flexible enough and tops are too rounded.

Finis B., Wichita Falls, TX - 1/28/2016

Just what I wanted!

Perfect size plugs for unused holes in my open cabinetry. Gives my cabinets a finished look! I bought white ones ... Not an exact match to my cabinets but you can barely tell the difference. Price was right too.

Faith M, Elmira, NY - 1/26/2016

As advertised

Good price, fast delivery, good quality, small size and fit perfectly

T. C. D., Arizona - 1/11/2016

5 Stars

I had drilled 8 holes in the Concrete Block walls of First Baptist Church for our Christmas Wreaths. Gasp...What would the members think of these gaudy holes in the walls? Immediately, I started my internet search for a "plug" to fill the the eight 1/4 inch holes I had drilled. So that we could use the same holes for the concrete screws next year for the heavy wreaths. Well, they fit the holes perfectly and the location about 10 feet in height on the wall perfectly plugs the holes and they are hardly visible. Thanks for saving me the headache of filling, sanding and painting the 8 wall spots. WIDGETCO filled the order in record time, I ordered them on December 29 and got them by January 2. Thanks WIDGETCO for getting me taken care of promptly and quickly!

Scotty A., West Point, MS - 1/4/2016

1/4" white hole plugs

Worked perfectly to plug the holes left in shower after removing glass door frame.

Judy D, Yuma, AZ - 12/23/2015

White plugs!

Perfect! Exactly what I needed! Very quick delivery. Thanks!

KG, Amarillo, TX - 11/14/2015

Really fast professional delivery - Great quality

I will definitely buy from WIDGETCO again.

Bernard G, San Jose, CA - 11/13/2015

1/4" white hole plugs

Nice fix for the holes in my adjustable shelves. Plugs helped give a more custom finished look. Good quality product and fast delivery.

Missy C., Texas - 10/18/2015

Perfect Solution and Service

Needed to hide unused shelf pin holes in new (white) cabinet with glass doors. Looked all over and WIDGETCO came through with the product I needed, in the quantity wanted at a reasonable price. The turn-around on my order was very quick and the product arrived in the mail as promised. Would definitely do business with WIDGETCO again.

Jeff W., Baltimore, MD - 9/10/2015

Hole Plugs

Arrived on time and was exactly what we wanted.

mary k, smyrna tn - 8/27/2015

1/4" White Hole Plugs

Just what I needed to complete a bookcase build. Fast shipping and reasonably priced. Thanks

Larry B., Phoenix, AZ - 8/24/2015

Just What I Needed

These plugs fit just right and despite being white, and going into a cabinet that is antique white, the color blend is ok.

Tom R., Indianapolis, IN - 8/3/2015

1/4 inch hole plugs

Everything was exactly as expected and delivered rapidly!

John F., New Mexico - 7/13/2015


The plugs were a little smaller than 1/4". So I just bought a 15/64 drill bit and they work fine.

Lou S, Las Vegas, NV - 6/10/2015

Not Sized Properly

The plugs when put in a 1/4 inch hole fell out. I had to glue them.

Joel B, Long Island, NY - 6/9/2015

Hole Plugs

Simple item, not easy to find, WIDGETCO made it easy to procure the correct item for the job. Delivery fast. Thank you.

Thomas K., Tampa, FL - 6/1/2015

Great product

The service was great. Shipped the next day after ordering it. Thanks WIDGETCO!

Charles B, Sumner, WA - 5/27/2015

Hole Stoppers

Perfect. Looks so much better, had glass doors with glass shelves and holes were showing. The plugs made everything look neater. Thanks.

Diwana g., USA - 5/12/2015

Hole plugs

I use these hole plugs to finish off unused holes in adjustable shelves. They get raves from my customers and add a nice finishing touch. Prompt delivery every time I've ordered them.

SteveM, Asheville,NC - 2/22/2015

Do not actually fit 1/4" holes!

These plugs are undersized, fitting so loosely that they will fall out of 1/4" holes. Customer service was responsive to the issue, but said that retooling to correct the size would take 4-6 months. The 5/16" plugs are correctly sized and very good, but these are useless for actual 1/4" holes.

Dave G., Rochester, NY - 2/10/2015

Check the actual size first!

I also found the 1/4" hole plug to small and the next size 8mm is to large.

Rob C., Massachusetts - 1/6/2015

1/4" white hole plugs

The plugs are undersize for diameter by about 0.025", so not a great fit. Many installed plugs are loose

Jeff G, Virginia - 12/29/2014

Worked Perfectly!

Very happy with the final result. Great customer service. The items were received in record time and are exactly what we needed.

Frank S, Selbyville, DE - 10/11/2014


The order arrived fast and was exactly what I expected.

Joshua W., Indiana - 8/16/2014

Just what I needed!

I used them to plug the lube holes on my RC Helicopter. A small inexpensive addition that makes a big difference. Easy to work with, and at $5 for a bag of 25 I've got plenty of spares for years to come, or for similar projects.

Jeff h, Phoenix, AZ - 8/14/2014

Hard to find

Tried to find these plugs locally. When I did they were expensive. Instead of driving around looking for them I ordered them from WIDGETCO. Nice product, fit well, and reasonable price. Don't waste your gas, buy from WIDGETCO.

Barry C., Florida - 7/25/2014


The plugs came just a few days after I ordered them and they fit perfectly. My wife is very happy because you can no longer see the unused shelf holes.

George B., Edgewater Park, NJ - 6/16/2014

Five Stars

Service and delivery times were impeccable. I had help by phone finding what I wanted and it came very fast. Then, when I discovered I had ordered the wrong size, I re-ordered and canceled the first order. The second arrived as quickly as the first (right size this time) and my first order was refunded as soon as it was returned, no delay. Smooth, courteous service throughout!

Rachel D., Denver, CO - 6/9/2014


These were just what I had been searching for and made my cabinet corner shelf look 100% better. They arrived two days after I ordered them. Thank you so much.

Sallie H., Birmingham, AL - 6/4/2014


Just what I was looking for.

Rick M., Philadelphia, PA - 6/1/2014


Fast service, they were just was needed and did the job perfectly. My daughter was very pleased. Thanks

Mike H., Massachusetts - 5/1/2014

Great Service, Quick Delivery

Couldn't have asked for any better service. These are so hard to find, I did a test shipment first and it came within days, as did the final shipment. Thanks again!

Patti A, Seattle, WA - 4/29/2014

Great Service

We ordered several sizes and there was no problem with the order. They arrived in just a couple of days. Thank you for great service.

Will P., St. George, UT - 4/4/2014

1/4" White Hole Plugs

These are impossible to find in stores. I received these very quickly. I am glad I can return them since I did not measure correctly. I will measure again and order the correct size.

Paula G., Pawleys Island, SC - 3/21/2014


Super fast shipping, fit perfectly, and greatly improved the look of our book shelves. No hardware store carried these, glad I found them at WidgetCo. Thanks!

Jack B., Chapel Hill, NC - 2/12/2014

1/4" White Hole Plugs

Exactly as ordered and came in a timely fashion. I liked the fact that they could be returned if I incorrectly measured the holes.

Kim B., Cashion, OK - 2/11/2014

Just what I needed

I could not find these anywhere. Very easy to find on the internet and fast delivery. I made a mistake when ordering and the customer service rep fixed it and sent the new order out immediately without any problems. I would recommend this company and their products to anyone.

Dave, St. Louis, MO - 12/18/2013

good Product

I ordered this product, received it in 3 days, had to order more, they sent it right away Great service I recommend.

Eddie P, Montebello CA - 11/12/2013

They fit

This is one of the very few products I have ordered and they fit. I am very pleased and have placed another order

Lilnda K, Michigan - 10/25/2013

Fast Delivery

They were delivered quick and its hard to beat the price- but like some other reviews- we found that these didn't fit real snug and resorted to spreading the plug with a rounded punch to make them hold.

Mark G, Burbank, CA - 9/19/2013

Works well

These hole plugs work well for sprucing up the look of display cases that use peg supports. The order was filled promptly, and the plugs easily snapped into the 1/4" holes with a little pressure from a dowel.

Mike A., New York - 8/28/2013


Great product. Great price (would have cost 52 cents each at hardware store). Delivered VERY quickly.

Mary R., Cincinnati, OH - 8/20/2013

Perfect look

Now my built-in shelf looks great because when I look at it, I am no longer looking at all the support holes!

Carol T., Whitehall, PA - 8/14/2013

I guess the bit was too new

After the first dozen or so holes the caps fit better; I guess the bit dulled some (it requires more pressure) and cuts a little smaller now.

Noah K., Mountain View, CA - 7/29/2013


My brand new Rockler shelf hole jig and bit drills .253" holes, which seems about right, but these are loose. If I squeeze the with a pliers to make them elliptical, they stay in, but not sure if they'll relax and get loose again. These are for an entertainment center near subwoofers with strong bass, so I'm afraid they'll fall out.

Noah K., Mountain View, CA - 7/28/2013

Perfect fit

Searched all the major home improvement stores for these plugs with no luck. WidgetCo had them at a great price and a variety of sizes. They came in a few days, fit perfectly, and are exactly what I wanted to hide the holes in my new entertainment unit.

Lynette M., Northridge, CA - 7/5/2013

White hole plug

I measured the hole at 1/4". This plug was small as the measurement was 1/4 on the top of the plug. Did not fit.

Jean D., Florida - 6/29/2013

Just as shown on website

Needed replacements for vinyl gates. Exactly as shown. Fast delivery!

Rita M, La Verne, CA - 6/20/2013

Great Product

I needed 1/4 plugs for a project I was completing. The local hardware stores had nothing that worked, so was forced to go online. I'm glad I did because I found this product, which not only worked like a charm, but was less expensive than anything else I had looked at. Highly recommended.

Angelo E, Alexandria, VA - 6/20/2013

Worked perfectly

Installed plugs in kitchen where wife's hated looking at shelving holes. They worked perfectly. They have small heads and blend in perfectly.

Brad T, Olympia, WA - 6/5/2013

Fast and Great Fit

We removed the cabinet doors from some of our cabinets and needed to cover the holes left open from the adjustable shelves. These plugs worked wonderfully and unless you know where to look cannot be seen at all. Great price and fast shipment!

Wendy K, Charleston, SC - 3/13/2013

Clean 1/4" Hole Plugs

I custom built new recessed cabinets for a bath remodel. They had several adjustable glass shelves and these plugs do a great job of making the not used holes vanish. Thanks for a quality product at a fair price.

Todd P., Mary Esther, FL - 2/18/2013

Great Cover Up

I had new doors installed to go out to my deck. The holes were exposed and looked awful. These plugs were great - the person who measured the holes (me) wasn't so great. I had to reorder the correct size and I'm waiting to receive them. The doors will look so much better!

Darlene F, Waterbury, CT - 11/5/2012

1/4" hole plugs

I really did not like the exposed holes in my built-in shelves on either side of my fireplace; they looked pretty tacky after the long process of restoring this entire wall of my old craftsman cottage. I found these plugs when I was looking for bronze shelf pins, which I also bought from WidgetCo, and they give the whole project a finished look. I don't often write reviews, but the service was so good and the communication so congenial that I want to say thanks to WidgetCo -- a great little company to do business with!

Marilyn C., Baltimore, MD - 10/27/2012

1/4 inch hole plug

Fit Exactly. Very Good. Quality,Customer Service. Recomend this company to all ++++.

Gary P, Wilmington NC - 9/7/2012

1/4" Hole Plugs

Exactly what I needed at a fair price and arrived quicker than I expected.

Tom N., Phoenix - 7/8/2012


It was just what I needed - great price and great service - Thanks

Tommy G., Florida - 7/5/2012


Everything was great!

Karl S., Wisconsin - 6/30/2012

Outstanding Service!

Thank you for the outstanding service. I was very happy with your product and you exceeded my expectation on promptness of delivery. I will definitely refer your product. Thank you again!

Nina Q., Penn Valley, CA. - 6/14/2012