Cork Stoppers for bottles, vials, test tubes and more!
Cork Stoppers

Cork Stoppers

Cork Stoppers manufactured from 100% natural cork harvested in Portugal. The quality of the Cork Stoppers is measured by the lenticels (small crevices that occur in all natural cork). The fewer the lenticels, the higher the grade of cork. All WIDGETCO® corks provide excellent visual appeal. If sealing dry goods and solids (sand or salt, for example), a XXX Standard Grade will do the job. If sealing liquids where more secure seal is important, we recommend XXXX Premium Grade. Some customers who deal in higher value liquids (like perfumes and premium spirits) may prefer a very high grade cork like Extra Select Grade. Buy online today!

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Recommendation for bottling:
XXX Standard Grade: Dry Goods, Salts, Crafts, Standing Liquids,...
XXXX Premium Grade: Fragrances, Oils, Moving Liquids,...
Extra Select Grade: High Value Liquids, Perfumes, Spirits,...

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Cork Stoppers - XXX Standard

Cork Stoppers - XXX Standard

Standard cork stoppers suitable for dry goods and standing liquids. Bulk quantities are available.

Cork Stoppers - XXXX Premium

Cork Stoppers - XXXX Premium

Premium cork stoppers suitable for transporting many liquids and laboratory use. Bulk quantities available.

Cork Stoppers - Extra Select

Cork Stoppers - Extra Select

Extra Select Cork Stoppers are close to perfect corks. Minimum cracks and crevices. Bulk quantities available.