3/4" Cherry Button Top Wood Plugs


Part Number: 5-750-CHE-MWP

Material: Cherry wood
Grain: End
Fits hole size: 3/4"
Shape: Button top (aka Mushroom top)

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3/4" Cherry Button Top Wood Plugs fit 3/4" diameter holes on tables, chairs, cabinets, and DIY woodworking projects. 3/4" Cherry Button Top Wood Plugs have "Mushroom Top" and are End Grain. 3/4" Cherry Button Top Wood Plugs fit 3/4" diameter holes and taper in slightly to the bottom for ease of installation. Simply tap in with a rubber mallet or similar tool.

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Nice Buttons!

Good quality, good fit, maintaining consistent 3/4 inch fit across the lot. Nice color grain patterns for simple buttons. Put these on your list to buy before choosing cheaper ones that are available.

Rick E., Fredericksburg, VA - 12/16/2015

Great product and delivered fast

This was the only place I could find 3/4" cherry buttons. Great price and they were delivered quickly.

Margaret S, Pennsylvania - 11/12/2015

Great product, fast shipping

WIDGETCO saved the day by getting the right sized widget to me fast.

Greg B, Los Angeles, CA - 11/3/2015

Cherry Buttons

Second time I've ordered from WidgetCo and both times they've been great. Good product, great service.

Warren C, Norfolk, VA - 3/17/2014

3/4" Cherry Button Top Wood Plugs

Nice quality item and excellent service. Thanks for good customer communications, too.

Carol S, Tallahassee, FL - 2/5/2014