Size 8 Cork Stoppers, XXXX Grade

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Part Number: 6-R08-XXXX-CS

Top Diameter: 7/8" (.875" or 22mm)
Bottom Diameter: 43/64" (.672" or 17mm)
Length: 1-1/16" (1.062" or 27mm)

Size 8 Cork Stoppers in XXXX Grade are premium grade tapered corks that will plug bottles, lab vials. etc. Made from 100% natural cork. #8 XXXX Corks Stoppers are manufactured to exacting standards to provide a secure fit every time. XXXX Premium Grade Corks have fewer lenticels (crevices) and are better suited for sealing liquids.


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Great Cork

Ordered and received exactly as described

Mary L., Maryland - 3/2/2015

Great Cork

Ordered and received exactly as described

Mary L., Maryland - 3/2/2015

Cork Review

Wonderful fast service as always! So glad we found you!

Tommy M, Georgia - 12/2/2014

Great company

Got exactly what I needed, super fast shipping, thank you very much.

Dan W, Indiana - 10/10/2014


The fit was just perfect - just as described in the sizing information and the quality is great. WIDGETCO is where I'll return for more cork stoppers!

Christine A, Eureka, CA - 9/19/2014

Just what I needed

Emailed them about what I needed then ordered then got the perfect fit, A+++.

Bob D, California - 8/24/2014

All good

Size 7 and size 8 corks, all good. Excellent service.

Gary S., Australia - 8/10/2014

Perfect place to get the perfect cork

Very, very easy to get exactly what I needed. Website is easy to navigate and shipping was very quick. Thanks so much!

Susan C., Pennsylvania - 7/29/2014

First time customer

LOVE you guys!! Customer service agent responded to my questions almost immediately with the perfect recommendations. I received the items promptly, and they fit perfectly, providing the water-tight seal I needed.

Donna H, Southern California - 5/6/2014

Superb quality and service!!

Items always arrive to me super fast, Granted I'm just in Dallas, but other orders still seem to take longer than these guys.

Jonathan P., Dallas, TX - 12/3/2013

Size 8 Cork Stoppers, XXXX Grade

Great stopper, great price, quick delivery, completely satisfied.

Ed F., California - 9/15/2013

High Quality Corks and Service

Before I discovered WidgetCo I used to get corks at hardware stores where both the cork quality and availability were very variable and unreliable. So it's a delight to have an easy and reliable source of high quality corks from a very good vibrations company.

Ursula D., Auburn, CA - 6/23/2013

Great company!

I placed several orders and all arrived quickly. One order had to be returned because I ordered the wrong item and the return process was prompt as well. Thanks so much...what a great company!

Lauren L, Florida - 4/11/2013

5 Stars

My order was everything I expected it to be. Thanks for the great deliver time of my corks. 5 stars for your company.

Robert H., Louisiana - 11/2/2012

Quality Product, Fast Shipping

I live in a rural area and do almost all my shopping via internet. Your service provided excellent communication, quality product, fast shipping and a fair price. Great doing busines with WidgetCo.

Reg H, Western, NC - 7/8/2012

Best I've Seen

Thank you for your business and prompt shipping. Of all the internet shopping I do (which is a lot!), your service is the speediest and best I've seen.

Elaine K., Camillus, NY - 6/20/2012


It is a pleasure doing business with WidgetCo. I appreciate all the help you gave me in seeking a solution to a problem I was having with my product.

Kathleen G., Yellow Springs, OH - 6/14/2012


"My order came faster than anything I've ordered online! I haven't been this pleased with an online order - ever! "
Betty J.

"If everybody had customer service like this, we’d all be better off today!"
Karl B.

"This is a world where such wonderful customer service is getting very, very rare. Yours is greatly appreciated."
Irv S.

"Great job getting my order to us so fast."
Fred W.

"It's not too often that you find a company that conducts business with the level of customer service that you provide. I hope you have a great day, thank you!"
Hely R.

"We have never had such fast efficient service AND we live in Mexico where it usually takes much much longer."
Maureen M.

"We are very happy with your product! We also are happy with how you do business!"
Anthony P.

"Received with dazzling speed! Absolutely terrific!"
Jeffrey F.

"Many thanks for efficient, well packaged delivery of my order to the UK."
Peter L.