Size 34 Large Cork Stoppers, Standard

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Part Number: 6-R34-XXX-CS

Top Diameter: 2-1/2" (2.500" or 63.5mm)
Bottom Diameter: 2-1/4" (2.250" or 57mm)
Length: 1-1/2" (1.500" or 38mm)

Size 34 Corks Stoppers are Tapered Cork Stoppers that will plug bottles, barrels, etc. Made from 100% natural cork. Size 34 Corks Stoppers are manufactured to exacting standards to provide a secure fit every time.

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Great response from the order


Mom T, USA - 10/16/2014

Perfect fit

Now I know where to get a cork I can't find anywhere else--yay!

Susan F., Albion, CA - 9/3/2014


Had looked for months locally in hardware, craft and department stores with no luck. Then by chance ran across WIDGETCO on line. Found exactly what i was looking for at a great price. Purchase was seamless and receipt of item was quick. Thanks.

Mark T, Smithfield, VA - 7/11/2014

Works perfectly

I was pleased to receive them so quickly. I used them to plug large plastic barrels that we used as breakwaters at our marina on Lake Winnisquam in Laconia, NH. Thanks. Great prices too!

Thomas S., Laconia, NH - 6/30/2014

Fast Service

I wasn't sure what size cork I would need to buy to fit a standard size jar, until I found the handy little document that WIDGETCO provides that explains how to choose the right size cork! The service was extremely quick as well! I would definitely recommend them and order again!!

Morgan P, Morgantown, WV - 6/19/2014

Large cork stoppers

I was so pleased at the speed that I received my purchase. The whole experience was so painless..I love that!

Catherine S., Washington - 6/11/2014

Great product!

Exactly what I ordered, great quality. Easy ordering and fast shipping. Thanks!

Daniel T., Albuquerque, NM - 4/1/2014

Great find

Very happy with my purchase - just what I ordered, and the package arrived quickly.

Deb D, Madison, WI - 3/19/2014

Great Product

Perfect for food containers!

Karen H, Missouri - 1/28/2014


Exactly what I hoped the cork would be! I will order from WidgetCo again, if I need more corks.

Deb F, Lake Ozark, MO - 11/12/2013

#34 corks

Had to return #32 corks and reorder #34. Measurements as stated were a little bigger than corks first received. Speedy return crediting. Very happy with quality of product, and totally impressed with customer service contact and delivery!

Kathy S, Kansas City, MO - 10/4/2013

34 cork

Great! Fast delivery. Right the first time.

Paul, Delaware - 9/27/2013

#34 cork

Great just as shown, fast delivery.

Paul B, Laurel, MD - 5/1/2013

Size 34 Large Cork Stoppers, Standard

Perfect fit, shipped very quickly. Many other sizes available. Excellent!

Marian B., Rochester, NY - 4/26/2013

#34 Large Cork Stopper

Ideal size - - flexible to adapt to similar sizes with odd neck entries! A few spins on a grinder & 1 cork can fit several necks!

Ralph K., Cleveland, OH - 4/24/2013

Great Produut, Great Service

I needed cork stoppers for a problem I was having at home. Found them on WidgetCo, ordered them, and had them within a couple of days. My problem has been solved at a reasonable cost with no hassles.

Greg P, Pennsylvania - 4/21/2013

Marge H.

I love the cork - it really completed the project I was working on and was the final touch. I also was very touched by the response from one of WidgetCo's representatives, with the personal response after I explained what I was using the cork for. This made my purchase all worthwhile, and for that I plan to share your website with as many friends as I can. Thank you so much.

Mage H., Arizona - 2/19/2013

Great Quality

0Great service and product.

Anne M., Texas - 1/20/2013

A great find!

We needed something to plug openings in barrels. WidgetCo is perfect solution.

Stephanie T., Illinois - 9/17/2012

Great Service!

Service was great! I will definitely order from Widget Co again!

O B, Illinois - 9/6/2012


The cork stoppers arrived very quickly and are impressive in quality and value. I would definitely purchase from WidgetCo again!

C M, Colorado - 7/27/2012

Retired Granny (and Granddad)

Great service, excellent product! I will order from these people again. , and I will give my friends a heads check out their corks....they probably need replaced as mine did!

Sally M., Bradenton, FL - 7/6/2012

Excellent customer service, and nice corks too

The customer service I recieved was stellar - quick, polite, friendly, generous. The corks are fine quality too. I'd order here again.

Deb M, Arizona - 7/1/2012


"My order came faster than anything I've ordered online! I haven't been this pleased with an online order - ever! "
Betty J.

"If everybody had customer service like this, we’d all be better off today!"
Karl B.

"This is a world where such wonderful customer service is getting very, very rare. Yours is greatly appreciated."
Irv S.

"Great job getting my order to us so fast."
Fred W.

"It's not too often that you find a company that conducts business with the level of customer service that you provide. I hope you have a great day, thank you!"
Hely R.

"We have never had such fast efficient service AND we live in Mexico where it usually takes much much longer."
Maureen M.

"We are very happy with your product! We also are happy with how you do business!"
Anthony P.

"Received with dazzling speed! Absolutely terrific!"
Jeffrey F.

"Many thanks for efficient, well packaged delivery of my order to the UK."
Peter L.