Size 30 Large Cork Stoppers, Standard


Part Number: 6-R30-XXX-CS

Top Diameter: 2-1/4" (2.250" or 57mm)
Bottom Diameter: 2" (2.000" or 50mm)
Length: 1-1/2" (1.500" or 38mm)

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Size 30 Corks Stoppers are Tapered Cork Stoppers that will plug bottles, lab vials. etc. Made from 100% natural cork. Size 30 Corks Stoppers are manufactured to exacting standards to provide a secure fit every time.

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Quality product

Fast service. I'll be back.

Kent, Nebraska - 1/19/2015

Great product!

Well, even though I measured WRONG (!) and this was not the size I needed, I have another jar which I can use it on! Now to order the CORRECT size! :)

Barb G, Washington - 9/2/2014

Awesome Customer Service!!!

Exceptional customer service!!!

Brad H, Atlanta, GA - 6/5/2014

Thank You!

Great Service. In stock, shipped immediately and the corks were a perfect fit.

Donna H., Illinois - 5/7/2014

Great Service

The corks arrived quickly and were of great quality. Unfortunately, a little too small for my decanters.

Lorraine K., NY - 4/13/2014


Just what I needed to turn my used Spectrum Oil bottles into useable canning bottles.

lekawa, Lawrence, KS - 2/8/2014

High quality corks

Excellent service. Unfortunately they were too small, my fault entirely. WidgetCo was fantastic about returning them and even offered to help me get the measurement right. Which I may take them up on. I love this company and they will get all of my cork business!

Elan H, Minnesota - 12/2/2013

Quick delivery!

I'm going to use these in making lamps from vases I have. They should work perfect and the price is definitely right!

Linda T, California - 10/29/2013

size 30 corks

I bought these for my husbands antique snuff jars that we could not find lids for. He loved them.

Helen L., Wisconsin - 10/17/2013

Awesome quick ship

This is an awesome high quality product and the service is exceptional. Thanks guys, perfect fit!

Connie, Oregon - 8/17/2013

Fantastic service and products!

I ordered 40 x #28 corks for use at my daughter's wedding only to find they didn't fit quite right. WidgetCo shipped replacements the same day I reported it to them and they arrived in three days! Fantastic service. Great products.

Jeff Edwards, Ocean Park, British Columbia - 6/6/2013


Very fast shipment and very reasonable shipping.

Sandra, USA - 4/16/2013

Just what we needed.

Super! Finally found what we needed.

Anne M., Texas - 1/20/2013

fits great!

I got this for a big decorative glass bottle, and it fit perfectly! Fast shipping too!

Sally G., Bonita Springs, FL - 1/9/2013

Just what the Dr ordered!

Needed a #30 cork for a vintage cider barrel - just right :)

Toni H., FL - 12/17/2012

Just Right!

I had been looking for this size and was so happy to finally find it - and the shipping was so fast!!!

Bev G., Washington State - 12/10/2012

A perfect fit

Hadn't been able to find item anywhere. A great resource for difficult to find stoppers, etc. Speedy shipping, too.

Ted R, Boston, MA - 12/5/2012

Just the right size

Been searching for this size cork for a long time. The quality is excellant and the delivery was fast. Thank you.

Joe T., Gonzales, LA - 10/24/2012

Fantasy Land

Thank you so much for the speedy delivery of my purchase. The corks have already been installed and are perfect. Look for these corks in use in Fantasy Land in Walt Disney World!

Gaston, Orlando, FL - 9/28/2012


I am thrilled with my corks. I do hand painting on glass, and occasionally, I find a pitcher that has a poor cork and this is the cork that fits!! Thanks again for the great service.

Lois Z., Wisconsin - 9/20/2012

Thank you!

Everything I received was exactly what I was looking for. I was happy to be able to find replacement cork lids for ceramic jars and the used wine corks were an added bonus. I do crafts and they are just what I needed. The bar tool is something my husband didn't have so I got that for him. I give an "excellent" rating in terms of useful products, customer service and fast shipping,

Carolyn F., Saverna Park, MD - 6/20/2012