#13 Rubber Stoppers

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Part Number: 7-R13-S-EPDM-RS

Top Diameter: 2-9/16" | 2.598" | 66mm
Bottom Diameter: 2-1/4" | 2.283" | 58mm
Length: 1" | 0.987" | 25mm
Durometer: 55
Material: EPDM

Solid Size 13 Rubber Stoppers are Tapered Size Size 13 Rubber Stoppers that will plug bottles, lab vials. etc. Size 13 Rubber Stoppers are made from EPDM Rubber.

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#13 stoppers

I cant find these in any store. Thanks for hooking me up!

Tuck R., Virginia - 3/14/2015


Just perfect, that is what i was looking for my soil laboratory. My techs are very happy. Fast shipping also!

A B, California - 3/6/2015

Rubber plugs

A pretty easy way to shop for a high quality plug for the creative mind. Shipping cost shouldn't be there to make a profit.

Greg F, USA - 9/19/2014

Just what I needed

I went to several local hardware stores and plumbing supply companies but could not find the large stopper I needed. I found it on the WIDGETCO's website. The package was in my mailbox three days later.

Pablo A, Northampton, MA - 7/27/2014

Great Product, Flawed Description

The stoppers are just as expected. The quality of manufacturing is top notch. I'm dinging the star rating for the following reasons. The price seems a tad high per unit. Packaging of the stoppers is in units of 5 (at least my order) and returns are only allowed for packaged items, so you can't verify fit and return them if you've ordered incorrectly. Most importantly the item description for size 13 lists the material as silicone when they are in fact made of rubber.

[From WIDGETCO: Sorry for the typo in the description, we have fixed it. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. About the packaging, yes, these can be returned within 30 days for a full refund. We package small quantities to order but are easy to work with when it comes to returned.]

Ben T., Houston, TX - 3/1/2014

Lab Stoppers

Excellent product & fast shipping!

Maia C., Pennsylvania - 1/6/2014


The size 13 is perfect for covering the hole in a boat seat base mount. They don't make one and this is perfect.

Mike D, Lockport, IL - 9/7/2013

Excellent Product Same Exact Item as "Extraction Experts" Rubber Stopper.

Great item for many uses :)

Dab N, California - 8/16/2013


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